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12, March 2020 Blended Learning

Acer Academy Program

Even in the face of difficult times, Acer is still collaborating closely with schools around the world to provide the best, most cutting-edge education possible to the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Acer Academy is a teacher training program designed to give educators in Acer Innovative Schools a boost of confidence in their EdTech skills and support in their daily activities even, and perhaps especially, now that remote learning is a safer option than in-person meetings in several countries.

The program takes the form of training webinars for teachers to educate themselves on the latest opportunities in the field of remote learning and EdTech in general: so far, Acer Academy has offered teachers the chance to learn about Microsoft Teams and its uses as a learning hub that can enhance collaboration in a class and even become a tool to estimate learning progress, and has shown participants that Minecraft is not just a popular game, but a powerful educational tool that can make lessons fun and is easy to implement for the first time even without prior knowledge.

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