#CreateEveryDay: the world in the eyes of creators

The ConceptD series provides creatives with all the resources necessary to realize their most innovative and unprecedented projects. Being a professional creator implies dealing with assignments, deadlines and tasks on daily basis, but there is a whole universe beyond that.
It is an everyday life-style, a way of thinking. Students from four different countries gave us an exclusive insight look into their creative processes.
Alongside their loyal ConceptD companions, they showed us where the magic happens, what they do when inspiration strikes and the deepest meaning of creativity to them.

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Everyone has a story to tell: discover our Concept Diaries

ConceptD: when multitasking becomes art.

he fourth guest of our Create Every Day project takes us straight into the world of filmmaking: Ruben Zaccaroni is a German Directing student, who is dedicating his life to creating movies with his own personal surreal touch. …

ConceptD is the go-to doorway to a world of creativity and imagination.

Introducing the third guest of our Create Every Day project: Jacob Henningsonn is a young and promising Brand Strategy student from Sweden, who is extremely passionate about getting a deep understanding of the dynamics behind the success of a product. …

ConceptD: the ideal device for creating, travelling and translating your imagination into reality.

Carlotta Romeo is a very young Product Designer who enjoys the process of analysis and projecting, but, most of all, loves creating things with her own hands. Carlotta chose to study Product Design because to her this path represents a chance to make her ideas come to life, as well as a way to come up with solutions capable of solving other people’s problems. …

ConceptD: the perfect ally to make, in a Fashion Designer’s word, invisible visible.

We used to say that ConceptD allows creators to unleash their full potential, and today we want to introduce you to the first guest of our Create Every Day project who showed us how ConceptD enhances her skills when it comes to drawing her own creations. She is Nastaran Hashem, young and talented Fashion Designer from Iran, who loves spending her life between sketches and fabrics.…

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We’ve asked our community to reimagine, transform and redefine the world around us and set free their creativity and they answered the call! Digital artists from all around the globe set our ConceptD devices in a background of their choice, adding a daring, unexpected element on the laptop screen.
Check out the best artworks shared on social media with the hashtag #CreateEveryDay.