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06, July 2020 EdTech Tips

AppsEvent Suite Tips – Sharing Google Docs is easier than ever

Sharing and collaboration is at the core of everything G Suite does, so teachers and students that use Google Drive will spend a lot of time sharing files, documents and images.

To ensure a simple user experience, Google has to facilitate and foster the sharing option for all the files created and edited by teachers and students. For this reason, Google has decided to update and definitely improve the sharing dialogue box for its docs. Now it’s easier to share Google Docs (but also worksheets or slides) with a large group of users, or even make it public.

And Google also simplified the name of the different roles for people with access to a file: viewer, commenter, editor. Discover more about this amazing update in the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents – which Acer is official partner for all 2020 global events!

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