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20, April 2020 EdTech Tips

AppsEvents Suite Tips – How to start using Google Meet for remote learning

The ongoing health emergency around the world is profoundly changing the habits of millions of people in many areas of work, including education.

Students and teachers cannot go to school, and have been forced to find alternative solutions to the traditional teaching process. It can be said that the Covid-19 outbreak has somewhat accelerated the process of digital transformation, forcing many schools to adapt to the remote learning approach.

And, right from the start, one of the most used platforms has been Google Meet. It’s basically a brand new versione of Hangouts, but Google Meet is definitely better for video and audio quality. Furthermore, Google Meet has specific controls and tools that facilitate online learning.

In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents – which Acer is official partner for all 2020 global events – you can discover everything you need about Google Meet!

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