Meet Your Laptop

With the beginning of a new school year, equipping students and teachers with the best devices to support their educational experience is essential.

Our expert Tech Princess – Fjona Cakalli will take you through the key features to keep in mind to choose their perfect companion.
Watch our 4 episodes, we’re sure you’ll meet your next laptop!

Everything you need to know, all in one place.
Get a comparative guide to our devices’ features in an interactive easy-to-read format.


Episode 1

Screen size

How many times have you asked yourself “what’s the right display size for my school’s laptops?”

First of all, take into account your students’ age and how they will be using their devices. Then, after watching this video, you’ll figure out your next move!

Episode 2

Form Factors

Are you looking for a clamshell laptop for remote learning? Or perhaps a convertible device for multimedia projects?

The second episode will help you make up your mind about the way to go based on your pupils’ needs!

Episode 3


Families and teachers agree on one thing: a school laptop should be built to last.

That’s why we’ve selected the most durable and reliable devices for you and your students. If you’re looking for durability, you’re in the right place. Don’t miss our third EduTorial and make the right choice!

Episode 4


Learn and teach anywhere, quickly share files and effortlessly manage external tools and devices.

Great connectivity makes everything smoother, no doubt about it. Discover what you can accomplish thanks to our laptops’ connection features and get ready to meet your next companion for education!

"Acer convertible devices proved to be flexible and adaptable to different kind of activities and they can be easily employed by students with different abilities and educational needs"
Luisa Guarnieri
Math & Science Teacher - Istituto Comprensivo “B. Sestini”, Italy
"Acer Chromebook has been really built for education. The ruggedized shells, the spill proof keyboards, the set of friendly applications, it’s just a really well made product”
Neal Oates
Vice Principal - Star International School student, Dubai.
“We chose to work with Acer laptops because of the ruggedized design. You could even drop or spill water on it without breaking it“
Hans Kroes
Policy Officer Agora Foundation Primary School De Golfbreker, Netherlands