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Innovative technologies

17, June 2020 Innovative technologies
[Acer notes] Educating the next generation of creators with ConceptD
Education is not all about facts and figures: if you want to excel in your future career, creativity is the key. Find out how Acer is helping schools nurture a new generation of creators with ConceptD.
01, June 2020 Innovative technologies
[Acer notes] ConceptD, a creator’s best friend
Explore ConceptD, a brand that listens to creative professionals’ voices and is designed to meet their unique needs. In your office or on the go, let creativity flow with a ConceptD computer by your side.
06, May 2020 Innovative technologies
Breaking creative barriers with ConceptD
When it comes to the jobs of the future, creativity is the way to go. Meet Acer ConceptD, a brand that can make all your best ideas come true.
24, April 2020 Innovative technologies
How to set up a remote learning space at home
If you're dealing with Remote Learning, Acer has your back: explore our full range of solutions to set up the best workstation at home!
14, April 2020 Innovative technologies
Microsoft Teams: making the transition to remote learning
Microsoft is providing resources for teachers to learn best practices using Microsoft Teams and a host of other distance learning tools.
27, March 2020 Innovative technologies
How teachers can get the most out of G Suite for Education
Bring your class into the digital eral: from enhancing student activities to managing assignments and faculty meetings more smoothly, find out how to implement G Suite for Education in your classroom.

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