The floor to schools! The best case histories from schools all over EMEA, with Acer and its partners.

Success Stories

06, August 2018 Success Stories
The Acer contribution to the digital revolution at the International School of Vantaa
This is a success story about technology, innovation and cooperation, where Acer, Google and LocknCharge worked together to enhance the digital revolution in Vantaa.
25, July 2018 Success Stories
How Acer is boosting OBS De Opslach digital transformation process
With a video showing the evolution of education, students from OBS De Opslach Primary School (NL) won 30 Acer laptops, extremely needed to improve their learning experience.
16, July 2018 Success Stories
Empowering the future of Hungarian students with Acer CloudProfessor
Ferenc Földes Secondary School, offering IT classes since 1970, is preparing its students for their students, helping them to learn coding through Acer CloudProfessor.
11, July 2018 Success Stories
Uncovering new ways to boost learning through Mixed Reality for Czech students
Students from Czech Technical University and Smichov Secondary Technical School experienced the Windows Acer Mixed Reality Headset: watch the video to discover more.
02, July 2018 Success Stories
[Acer Innovative Schools] From Zero to Hero: the role of technology in Escola Global, Portugal
Discover how the learning experience of Escolaglobal's students improved thanks to innovation technology and Acer TravelMate Spin B118.
21, May 2018 Success Stories
[Acer Innovative Schools] What innovation means in the Primary School of Trzebnica, Poland
We asked to Acer Innovative Schools to share their best practices about innovation on our magazine. And this is the first experience shared, directly from Primary School in Trzebnica (Poland).

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