Let your students reach their potential
with our devices and solutions designed
for higher education.

Higher Education Technology Tour

Whatever college or university students choose, we have a device to keep up with their needs. Watch the new Acer EduTorial episodes starring Tech Princess – Fjona Cakalli, and find the best tech to elevate your pupils’ campus experience.

Mobility for academics

Long battery life, performance, usability, and, of course, portability. We’ll help you pick a laptop for your students according to their discipline area.

ConceptD for academics

Creators, engineers & developers, don’t look any further! ConceptD is dedicated to students who made creativity a way of thinking and living.

Technology for faculties

From libraries to labs, from learning spaces to the IT department. Discover the best devices and solutions to shape your safe and easy-to-admin digital environment.

Empower students to excel in what they do.

At Acer for Education, we strive to provide higher education institutions with the best technology to help their students make a difference. Make sure they develop the skills they need to drive their future careers.

The fulfilment of their ambitions begins in the classroom.

A whole world is waiting for your students after graduation. Channel their talent into their objectives and choose the best mobile learning companions for colleges and universities.

Build an inspiring learning space

Equip your faculty to create a stimulating environment where students can learn, collaborate and cultivate their dreams. Explore our portfolio to set up easy-to-admin laboratories, libraries and study halls, where security and efficiency always come first.

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