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Blended Learning

30, November 2020 Blended Learning
The key role of Digital Libraries in a blended learning environment
Explore the benefits of a digital library as a Blended Learning tool and what teachers can do to help make the most of such an invaluable resource.
04, September 2020 Blended Learning
Blended learning: how parents can be involved in the move
When it comes to Blended Learning, sometimes parents need to become the students. Discover how they can support the move.
13, August 2020 Blended Learning
Online Classroom Management: 4 tips for teachers
How can teachers manage online classrooms? Here are four tips to help students thrive in the new Blended Learning setting.
10, July 2020 Blended Learning
Could blended learning strengthen classroom relationships?
Blended Learning could strengthen relationships in the classrooms, contrary to popular belief.
25, June 2020 Blended Learning
How to keep students engaged in a Blended Learning classroom
With Blended Learning, ensuring students' engagement can sometimes seem twice as hard, so how can teachers in a hybrid setting enjoy the best of both worlds?
10, June 2020 Blended Learning
It’s time to set up a Blended Learning classroom
As the world slowly goes back to normal, Blended Learning is becoming the new star of the educational scene. Are you ready to explore the many ways to make it happen?
27, May 2020 Blended Learning
Remote teamwork: how to foster collaboration among students
Completing group projects remotely can be a challenge for everyone involved, from students to teachers. Find out how these times of #RemoteLearning are changing the face of group work.
18, May 2020 Blended Learning
Covid-19: will blended learning become the future of education?
What will school look like after the COVID-19 pandemic? Is #BlendedLearning the future of education? Discover how face-to-face lessons and online courses can live side by side.
29, April 2020 Blended Learning
4 Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Learning
Are your students’ devices and information safe? Remote learning is an opportunity but is not without risks. Let's make it safer: here are our 4 cybersecurity practices to shape students into responsible digital citizens.
24, April 2020 Blended Learning
How to set up a remote learning space at home
If you're dealing with Remote Learning, Acer has your back: explore our full range of solutions to set up the best workstation at home!

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