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Take your classroom experience to the next level.

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Take your classroom experience to the next level.
Competency-based education girl student library Acer

Competency-based education – meaning and benefits

Discover more about competency-based education: its meaning, history, benefits and how it’s different from other learning models. Read More
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Acer ENDURO Urban N3 Vocational Learning Hands-on training-student

Acer ENDURO Urban N3 – meet the best companion for hands-on learning

From vocational education to on-the-field settings, thanks to its design and performance, Acer ENDURO Urban N3 is the go-to device for learning and teaching in any condition. Read More
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Acer Vero family student nature

Acer Vero family – eco-friendly devices for a greener campus

Introducing Acer Vero family, our green PCs and eco-friendly devices designed with sustainable materials for greener universities & colleges. Read More
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higher education acer ready to lead students to shine

Higher Education solutions: are you ready to lead?

From higher education to the job world, technology makes the best companion to support the growth of students and the nurturing of their talents. Discover our broad portfolio for colleges and universities. Read More
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Acer One-to-One 1:1 Student Higher Education

How to start a successful one-to-one program in higher education?

Would you like to launch a one-to-one program in your campus or college? These are the questions you should ask yourself before providing your higher education students with their new devices. Read More
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IoT in education Acer

IoT: future applications in K-12 and higher education

The Internet of Things has found several applications in the education world in recent years, from K-12 to higher education, and more will come soon. Read More
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10 trends higher education acer

10 EdTech trending topics in higher education right now

Let’s get through 10 EdTech trending topics in higher education to keep an eye on right now and in the future post-pandemic world. Read More
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Enhancing Education through Cloud-Based Technologies

Cloud-based technologies allow teachers and students to better interacte with each other, managing information in a more dynamic way. Discover the benefits and Acer Chromebook solutions. Read More
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