Higher Education solutions: are you ready to lead?

higher education acer ready to lead students to shine

Higher education institutions are where dreams become a reality. All those young and brilliant minds sitting in the classrooms, attending remotely, studying and working on creative projects represent a new generation of innovators that will go ahead and change the world after graduation. 

Moreover, while discussing changes, we can’t help but point out how technology is reshaping the global landscape and rapidly innovating the job world. And in years to come, it will only advance further. 

Every field is exploring new frontiers thanks to tech-savvy professionals making the most of the tools at their disposal. Think about the impact of technology in the medical world and how it has allowed saving more lives. Or imagine what the fashion world will look like with the progress of Virtual Reality. Or even where engineering stands today, where it was ten years ago and will be heading in ten more years. In a scenario where anything relies on technology, learning needs to prepare students for what’s next, whether their profession.

For this very reason, at Acer for Education, we firmly believe that the future is not tomorrow. It is today. It begins with nurturing the talent of these students by providing them with the best technology to answer the challenges of our generation. 

Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be possible without teachers and institutes, who play the crucial role of addressing young learners on the correct route and equipping them with the most suitable EdTech resources to succeed in their learning.

Are you ready to lead them towards the achievement of their goals? Is your institute ready? We have selected the best devices and solutions designed for universities and colleges to let you pick what’s best for your students and foster their skills the way they deserve. 

A device for any higher education path

Our broad portfolio of portable higher education solutions include devices that answer the needs of dynamic and always-on-the-move students. From our ConceptD selection for 2D and 3D creators looking for colour accuracy, processing power and precision in a versatile design, to our wide range of Acer TravelMate, a perfect fit for those who chose economic or medical studies. Acer TravelMate and ConceptD’s professional features offer an across-the-board solution also for engineering in the making.

Moreover, Acer Chromebook and Acer Swift and Spin give liberal arts students the chance to take their learning to the next level. And for those who love learning on the go and outdoors while preparing for vocational professions, Acer Enduro is definitely something you might want to look at. Get a complete overview of our higher education laptops here.

Create a digital learning ecosystem in your faculty

Beyond portable devices for students, our extensive range of devices for higher education includes everything your institute needs to take laboratories, learning spaces and libraries to the next level. Acer Veriton N or Acer Chromebase 24I2 are a go-to pick in terms of all-in-one solutions. At the same time, students working on challenging projects will find in Acer Veriton K8 and ConceptD 300 two powerful allies in their labs.

IT Managers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Acer Chromebook 314 and Acer TravelMate P2 make the perfect companion for all your faculty tech deployment and administration. Take a closer look at our section dedicated to higher education desktops here.


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