Upgrade to Windows 11: new features and security for teaching

Explore the benefits of the Windows 11 update on your school devices

Microsoft announces the end of Windows 10’s life cycle – what does this mean for your school if you currently use it on your devices? 

Starting in October 2025, you will no longer receive any updates, including crucial security updates.

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry. Windows 11 is ready to step in, offering a host of features designed to enhance the user experience for all educators while keeping things familiar for users of previous versions.

Keep reading to learn why this is the best time ever to upgrade.

Intuitive and tailored user experience  

Windows 11 offers an upgraded experience right from the first user interaction: the new interface makes it much easier for both students and teachers to use their devices.

The new taskbar features the Start menu in a central position, with smaller icons and clearer designs. It also integrates pinned apps and recent documents alongside a powerful search function.

Following the interface update, the computer layout is completely customizable. Every detail, from the desktop theme and text to colours and backgrounds, can be adjusted according to user preferences.

Dedicated education and personalization features

Windows 11 introduces powerful productivity tools, making it an ideal companion for daily classroom activities.

For instance, one standout feature is the enhanced Windows Widget, which consolidates essentials like the calendar, to-do lists, and Esports scores in one convenient place. Furthermore, Snap Layouts improve productivity by allowing users to select the layout that best matches their working style.

Additionally, Windows 11 SE is specifically tailored for the education sector, offering tools designed to improve learning outcomes while minimizing distractions. By restricting app installations to only essential educational tools – such as learning management systems and accessibility features – this customization ensures that technology adds to the education experience rather than detracts from it.

Enhanced accessibility features for an inclusive education

With Windows 11, education makes significant strides toward greater accessibility. Tools like Narrator, Color Control, Live Captions, and Voice Access facilitate the learning experience for students with disabilities, ensuring they have equal learning opportunities.

Additionally, it incorporates learning tools that improve comprehension and foster focus, supporting students with learning disabilities and ensuring inclusivity in the educational environment.

In conclusion, Windows 11 streamlines navigation, thereby increasing productivity in the classroom by minimizing potential technical disruptions and offering robust support for teachers and students of all needs. Moreover, Windows 11 prioritizes privacy and safety with advanced protection features, including smart app control and user authentication, ensuring a secure learning environment for all users.

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