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Education is timeless.

Inclusive Education

Education is timeless.
Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEND): Addressing students’ needs

Discover what special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are and how to address them to guarantee the same access to opportunities for all students. Read More
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The impact of ChatGPT on education

The impact of ChatGPT on education

ChatGPT in education: what now appears as a threat to education may become a resource to innovate students' and teachers' experience. Read More
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Acer: text-to-speech

Text-to-speech for students: enhancing the learning process

Text-to-speech technology works in a very simple way: it converts text into audio. It's as simple as important, first of all for students struggling with learning disabilities. Read More
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Educational Equity two girls lockers school

Educational equity: what it is and why it’s important

Discover more about educational equity and why it’s important for laying the foundations of a bright future for students. Read More
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Mental Health and EdTech - Acer Chromebook student

Mental health and EdTech – from mental well-being to social-emotional learning

Take a look at how EdTech can help improve students' mental health through social emotional learning and data analysis. Read More
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Dyslexia in school acer texthelp inclusive

Dyslexia in school: technology for an inclusive reading experience

Dyslexia is a very common learning disorder in today's school. Learn how to support students with dyslexia with Acer & Texthelp. Read More
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The importance of edtech to create an inclusive classroom

How can teachers use assistive technology to make education truly inclusive? From useful compensation tools to making the classroom a welcoming place for everyone. Read More
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[Texthelp Talks] How to build on neurodiversity to include everyone

Technology can help us embrace learners’ diversity by creating opportunities to access learning in differing ways. Check the latest blog by Patrick McGrath, EdTech Strategist at Texthelp. Read More
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The key role of EdTech in Special Education

Special needs require personalized solutions: that is why EdTech has a key role to create a level playing field in Special Education. Read More
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How EdTech can help to deal with colour blindness

Everyone deserves the same opportunities to learn, even if they see the world a little differently. Learn how technology can support the colour-blind in their day-to-day life at school. Read More
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