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Education is timeless.

Esports in Education

Education is timeless.
Esports in South Africa

Esports in South Africa: giving learners a lifetime of digital skills

More about Acer bringing Esports in South Africa thanks in partnership with Curro Schools, one of the country’s leading education providers. Read More
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Esports STEM Women Acer for Education girl sitting at computer watching particles with two screens

Encouraging Women in STEM through Esports

Esports has become a hot topic in education, transcending the realm of entertainment and proving to be a valuable educational asset for students. From fostering skill development to offering diverse career pathways, its impact is significant. Interestingly, recent studies indicate that esports may hold even greater… Read More
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esports acer engaging community student

Esports in Education: The future of engaging learning

The competitive and social aspect of online multiplayer gaming is a very resourceful medium to engage students. Schools can leverage the benefits of esports to facilitate learning and boost students’ academic or career performance. Read More
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Esports in Education_Acer_female_student

Esports in Education – Time to look ahead

What are the questions most frequently asked about Esports in Education? Perspectives, benefits and tips for a well-prepared entrance into the world of gaming in schools. Read More
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Acer Esports Co-Op Games

Research shows that difficult co-op games can create better relationships between students

Together with the Danish research and development unit Future Classroom Lab, Acer is working to find new ways for teachers to use technology. One focal area aims to investigate how games can greatly improve relationships between students. Read More
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Acer Esports Program Universities How to Start Students

Why educational institutions should develop Esports programs – and how to start

With the ever-growing popularity of Esports, more and more Universities are developing dedicated programs for their students. But what’s the best way to start things off? Read More
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Acer Planet9 CLUE Esports

CLUE PLANET9 University Invitational presented by Acer & HudL

We have partnered with HudL in the foundation of the Central London University Esports (CLUE) for the PLANET9 University Invitational to expand social and competitive opportunities for students through Esports. Read More
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Acer Esports Portfolio education students

Acer Esports Portfolio: a gaming companion for any educational need

Equip your students with the best gaming companion: discover our updated Acer Esports Portfolio of notebooks and desktops for education. Read More
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Gaming and Education_ how to develop managerial skills in a playful environment

Esports and Education: how to develop managerial skills in a playful environment

Integrating gaming in education is surely beneficial for students but only if it’s approached in the right way and integrated with additional activities. Read More
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The impact of Esports in education on soft skills

The introduction of Esports in education is a definite break with tradition: how can videogames be educational? Read More
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