Take your classroom experience to the next level.


Take your classroom experience to the next level.
Microsoft Copilot Acer Education Teacher

How Copilot in Windows Will Redefine Education in the Classroom

MicrosoftCopilot is the next-generation AI productivity tool available on Acer TravelMate to support and innovate classroom activities. Read More
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Cybersecurity: best practices for teachers

Cybersecurity, the new educational frontier: best practices for teachers

The link between cybersecurity and education. Info about threats like data breaches and phishing. Tips for educators, to protect personnel and students. Read More
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Chromebook at school acer teacher black woman intel google for education

Why a teacher should use a Chromebook at school

Find out why you should use Acer Chromebooks in your school! Their flexibility, durability, and customization options upgrade the teaching experience. Read More
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Microsoft Learning Accelerators - 5 tools for students classroom students Acer for Education

Microsoft Learning Accelerators – 5 tools for students

Microsoft Learning Accelerators and Acer TravelMate notebooks unlock a whole new way of delivering personalized learning! Discover more. Read More
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Competency-based education girl student library Acer

Competency-based education – meaning and benefits

Discover more about competency-based education: its meaning, history, benefits and how it’s different from other learning models. Read More
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Computer Maintenance: 10 Essential Tips for Your PC

Computer Maintenance: 10 Essential Tips for Your PC

Computer maintenance means keeping your PC in good condition through regular cleanings, updates, and virus prevention. Here's how. Read More
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Minecraft Education Edition Acer

Minecraft: Education Edition – The building blocks of engaging learning

Learn the basics of "Minecraft: Education Edition" from the ground up and discover why it’s a perfect fit for learning. Read More
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Acer ENDURO Urban N3 Vocational Learning Hands-on training-student

Acer ENDURO Urban N3 – meet the best companion for hands-on learning

From vocational education to on-the-field settings, thanks to its design and performance, Acer ENDURO Urban N3 is the go-to device for learning and teaching in any condition. Read More
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Acer Windows 11 SE

Acer notebook portfolio for schools – meet TravelMate B3 & Windows 11 SE

Explore the updated Acer notebook portfolio for K-12 schools featuring the TravelMate B3 & TravelMate Spin B3 running on Windows 11 SE. Read More
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Eco-Friendly Acer Chromebook for teachers sustainability

Acer Chromebook – 5 ways to make your school more sustainable with Google Workspace

Discover the new eco-friendly Acer Chromebook Spin 311, Chromebook 511, Chromebook 314 and Chromebook 512 equipped with Google Workspace. Read More
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