Education is timeless.

Education Trends

Education is timeless.
Mental health in schools acer

How tech can help promote mental health in schools

How technology can help promote mental health in schools. Specific digital solutions and tech tools can create school-safe environments. Read More
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Technology for sustainable education

Technology for a sustainable education that protects the environment

How technology is transforming education into a sustainable endeavor, promoting eco-awareness and reducing environmental impact. Read More
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AI for Language Learning_Acer for Education

AI for language learning: benefits, tips and tools

Dive into the topic of AI language learning and learn more about its benefits, the best tools available and how to best implement it in the classroom. Read More
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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEND): Addressing students’ needs

Discover what special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are and how to address them to guarantee the same access to opportunities for all students. Read More
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Esports in South Africa

Esports in South Africa: giving learners a lifetime of digital skills

More about Acer bringing Esports in South Africa thanks in partnership with Curro Schools, one of the country’s leading education providers. Read More
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The impact of ChatGPT on education

The impact of ChatGPT on education

ChatGPT in education: what now appears as a threat to education may become a resource to innovate students' and teachers' experience. Read More
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EdTech Trends 2024 Back to school kid running with backpack acer for education

5 EdTech Trends for 2024

The EdTech industry is a fast-growing global market where innovation leads the pace of change. Discover our list of five future EdTech trends for 2024. Read More
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Esports STEM Women Acer for Education girl sitting at computer watching particles with two screens

Encouraging Women in STEM through Esports

Esports has become a hot topic in education, transcending the realm of entertainment and proving to be a valuable educational asset for students. From fostering skill development to offering diverse career pathways, its impact is significant. Interestingly, recent studies indicate that esports may hold even greater… Read More
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Flipped classroom acer students cheering with teacher and laptop

Tips and tools to help students with effective self-learning

Flipped learning is an increasingly popular classroom model offering student centered, interactive learning, aided by technology. Following the flipped learning model, students prepare for a class by studying pre-class homework, then spend class time actively engaged in a wide variety of learning activities. Read More
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AI in the classroom: how it can impact the school of tomorrow

AI is already certified as one of the most disruptive innovations in the Education Technology field, and here there are some reasons why AI will definitely improve the learning experience. Read More
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