Education is evolving: keep up with the most relevant trends we have selected for you.

Education Trends

23, February 2021 Education Trends
Gamification in education: rewards and improvement-based learning
Between rewards and improvement-based learning: discover the benefits of implementing gamification in education.
11, February 2021 Education Trends
Nano learning and remote education: an effective resource for teachers
Exploring the possibilities offered by nano learning as an effective resource for teachers in the era of remote education.
21, December 2020 Education Trends
What will be the EdTech Trends in 2021?
Blended Learning, accessibility, new and more immersive modes of multimedia learning are the hottest EdTech trends for the upcoming year.
09, December 2020 Education Trends
Augmenting STEM learning with Cleverbooks: the schools of tomorrow
If you are an Augmented Reality enthusiast and/or a teacher dealing with remote learning, discover how Cleverbooks can help educators enhance STEAM education with AR.
11, November 2020 Education Trends
How teachers can help pupils to reduce cybersecurity risks
Online learning means spending more time on the Internet than ever: that is why cybersecurity needs to be a part of education.
03, November 2020 Education Trends
6 teachers' skills you can empower with Acer Chromebook & G Suite for Education
28, October 2020 Education Trends
5 main benefits of STEAM Education
Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics: together, they make STEAM Education the best way to bring all of human knowledge together.
09, October 2020 Education Trends
Why fostering creativity is so important and how EdTech can help
Creativity is not all about art: find out how using the latest edtech resources to teach creative problem solving produces not only better students, but better people.
30, September 2020 Education Trends
The impact of Esports in education on soft skills
The introduction of Esports in education is a definite break with tradition: how can videogames be educational?
18, September 2020 Education Trends
[PDF] Disruptions and Opportunities: Key Lessons from the Spring of 2020
Manchester Street conducted a survey, commissioned by Microsoft, to shed lights on how teachers are approaching the switch to hybrid learning.

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