Education is timeless.

Education Trends

Education is timeless.
Acer: text-to-speech

Text-to-speech for students: enhancing the learning process

Text-to-speech technology works in a very simple way: it converts text into audio. It's as simple as important, first of all for students struggling with learning disabilities. Read More
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bite-sized learning acer

Bite-sized learning: definition and benefits

Discover more about bite-sized learning or microlearning, and how it lets every learner break down information into small nuggets. Read More
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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality in Education: boosting students’ learning experience

What if students could learn History by visiting stunning ancient ruins in Greece, together with their teacher, without leaving the classroom? With Mixed Reality (MR) this is possible, providing an immersive and more effective learning experience to children and young students, as our partners discovered during the latest Acer EMEA Education Solution Centre Summit. Read More
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Inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based learning: what it is, types, and phases

Learn more about Inquiry-based learning: the teaching method that engages creativity to train problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Read More
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Educational Equity two girls lockers school

Educational equity: what it is and why it’s important

Discover more about educational equity and why it’s important for laying the foundations of a bright future for students. Read More
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Education Trends 2023

7 Education Trends of 2023 to be ready for

Discover 7 education trends of 2023 to look out for. Learn how EdTech will make education more effective and accessible in the coming year according to Google for Education. Read More
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Competency-based education girl student library Acer

Competency-based education – meaning and benefits

Discover more about competency-based education: its meaning, history, benefits and how it’s different from other learning models. Read More
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Digital Literacy Acer teacher with student and laptop TravelMate B3

Digital literacy – what it is and why it’s important

Digital literacy has become imperative in today's society. Read on for a deeper dive into what digital literacy is and how to assess it in the classroom. Read More
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Personalised Learning_Acer TravelMate B3 student teacher classroom

Personalised learning – fostering student ownership with technology

What is personalised learning? And how can tech boost this educational approach? Learn about Tech’s role in delivering customised education. Read More
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Back to school 2022 Acer TravelMate Classroom students teacher

Back to School 2022 – EdTech trends for the new academic year

The 2022 back-to-school season is about to begin. What can we expect from this school year? And how will EdTech fit in? Read More
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