Esports in South Africa: giving learners a lifetime of digital skills

We are currently witnessing the evolution of video games entering the sports realm. Esports is a clever solution to merge technology and education within a fun activity to transmit fundamental digital and social skills while engaging students.

Follow us through the recount of the partnership between Acer and Curro Schools, successfully bringing Esports events to South Africa to help learners compete and flourish in environments officiated by schools and professional educators.  

Curro Clash LAN 2023: Esports’ benefits for education 

In early 2023, Acer partnered with one of the leading education providers in South Africa, Curro Schools, to produce the Curro Clash LAN, their first hosted Esports tournament

Students participated in four popular competitive eGames: Rocket League, DOTA 2, Overwatch 2, and Minecraft PVP. For most of them, it was their first experience with an Esports tournament and competing for prizes and the chance to be crowned champions.

For a lot of the kids involved in these Esports tournaments, this is an opportunity for them to shine. They might not shine on the rugby field or might not shine on the soccer field, but Esports gives them that opportunity. There’s nothing better than watching a little seven-year-old jumping around really excited about the match they’ve just won. – Glenn Du Toit, Acer Africa Country Manager

Acer, through Acer for Education, looks at Esports as a medium to get students acquainted with technology as it is not only a great booster to develop a competitive spirit but also to strengthen confidence and social skills through teamwork and discipline.  

Nonetheless, as digital skills become increasingly important for students to navigate their academic path and future careers, Esports is a fun and engaging way to approach and master the use of technology.

Choosing Acer as an Esports partner 

Although Esports events revolve around learning while having fun, organizing successful learner-focused encounters is a serious business requiring the right partner. Acer prefers to support those who organize these events rather than leading them because it believes in fostering the growth of a community within the educational field

Acer has been an amazing partner in not just giving us help with devices. They offer strategic guidance, advising us on which partners we should be working with to take our programme forward. We couldn’t have achieved what we have in Esports at Curro over the last few years without Acer. – Angela Schaerer, Curro Holdings’ Digital Transformation Manager

Thus, choosing Acer as a partner means more than receiving cutting-edge IT equipment and prizes. It means benefiting from guidance, expertise, and networking opportunities. Thanks to Acer’s support, Curro was able to host further events this year, expanding its tournaments to involve other educational institutions.

The partnership with Curro is part of a bigger and more ambitious plan for Acer that also works with different groups and events to build a connection between education, digital literacy, and Esports on an international level. For instance, in April, Acer sponsored the Curro Esports Indaba, a two-day gathering of educators and Esports experts to explore how they can bring the two arenas closer together. 

Overall, for Acer, it is important to communicate that Esports are more than video games, as they can represent a way to shorten the digital divide and equip learners with new essential digital skills for their future. Through its partnerships with institutions such as Curro, Acer strives to deliver the Acer for Education mission: Inspire Daily. Learn Always. 

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