CLUE PLANET9 University Invitational presented by Acer & HudL

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Over the last few years, Esports in the education sector has developed into an exciting and rapidly growing field, full of potential. From teaching soft skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and strategic thinking, to creating careers in coaching, player development, and team management, Esports in education provides compelling opportunities for both sectors. 

We at Acer for Education acknowledge the added value Esports can provide in today’s schools. That is why we are committed to creating innovative gaming environments for education with our evolving technology, inspiring learning programmes, and partnerships with the key players in the Esports ecosystem.

Recently, we teamed up with in the foundation of Central London University Esports (CLUE), an inter-university project aimed at bringing together the Esports branches of top London universities to expand social and competitive opportunities for students through our Esports platform, PLANET9. is a UK-based Esports agency, which was formed through its application of expertise to grassroots Esports. HudL provided critical services through their experienced team of industry veterans and upcoming talent, working with us to bring the PLANET9 University Invitational to life as an exciting event that advanced the position of university Esports in the grassroots scene.


Acer PLANET9 was the ideal platform for the CLUE project, offering the chance to implement social gaming services to help its user base sharpen Esports skills. Recently, four CLUE universities and four others from the Greater London area competed in the PLANET9 University Invitational, a tournament which brought in professional player KaSing and League of Legends European Championship shoutcaster Foxdrop to mentor players, proving itself as more than just a spectacle, but a real opportunity for talent showcase and development.

The University Invitational and the associated social media push accrued over 600,000 impressions, over a thousand live views, and resulted in 140 registrations for the PLANET9 service, representing a sterling success in promoting grassroots Esports in the world of education.

A special thanks goes to the Hudl team for collaborating with us in the realisation of this inspiring project. We are happy to cooperate, driving innovation while creating an inspiring educational environment where Esports can create a real opportunity for growth for today’s students.

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