Enhancing Education through Cloud-Based Technologies

Technology is a fundamental element of today’s society, always with us in our daily lives. Cloud-based technologies are becoming increasingly essential in students’ routine, both in and out of their classrooms. Thanks to cloud computing, teachers and students are able to better interact and get connected, and they can manage information in a faster and more dynamic way.
In this article we will explain you how cloud computing is changing – and enhancing – education through 5 specific advantages:

1. Cloud-classrooms: improving communications and interconnections

Cloud computing helps in those situations when students cannot enter a classroom or attend normal classes. Video lessons and chat sessions with the teacher via instant messenger services or video messaging programs allow students to access education even if they are in remote areas of the world, or if they are in critical physical conditions, unable to move from their homes.
Instant messenger services and video messaging programs are also amazing in the students-to-students communications. Classes from different countries can share their knowledge learning foreign languages or geography. This technology is very simple: teachers just need to set up sessions where students can use technology to talk to each other.

2. Cloud-based information means updated education

Textbooks are expensive to print and this means that many of the materials students are using may be outdated.
Cloud-based textbooks are easy to update in real time and allow students to access to the most current learning materials.

3. No more textbooks: culture and knowledge accessible to everyone

Cloud-based textbooks can also solve the problem of access to culture as the digital content is significantly more affordable than the printed one.

4. Group projects become simpler to manage

Thanks to cloud-based technologies, students can enjoy their group projects gathering together even if they are in different places. They can communicate and complete tasks by interacting online whenever they want and wherever they are.
Group members and teachers can share the results of their work online, adding comments or editing the project in real time, even from different devices like smartphones or tablets.
Cloud-based textbooks help to reach a noble goal by redistributing culture and knowledge as lower-income students can finally have the same access to learning materials as higher-income students.

5. Storage and accessibility: an unlimited learning

Cloud-based computing solves the problem of information storage once and for all thanks to mass storages where schools, teachers and students can upload documents, photos, textbooks and other materials with instant access whenever they need them.
Using the cloud-base technology the education system can build an endless storage of learning information with an unlimited potential of usage. Any data stored in a cloud-based system can be accessed from any device provided with an Internet connection.

Support cloud-based technology with smart devices.

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  1. Tent mode, ideal for restricted spaces and great for displaying videos or interacting with touchscreen apps
  2. Tablet mode, ideal for mobility and for design projects with the Wacom stylus
  3. Display mode, great for displaying instructional video content or for apps with no touchscreen interaction
  4. Notebook mode, ideal for apps where a full keyboard is needed.

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