How to set up a remote learning space at home

The current emergency has changed everyone’s daily habits: social distancing means spending more time online as a safer alternative to in-person work or education.
Are you a teacher needing to reach dozens of students from home? Are you a student struggling to keep up with remote learning because you have to negotiate with your parents or siblings for screen time? Then this is a good time to invest in making sure that every member of your family has a personal device.

A remote learning space in your lap

No matter which side of the teacher’s desk you are on, a good laptop has everything you need to work from home, and Acer offers a wide range of options.
Should your school favour Windows, we recommend the TravelMate line: studying from home may subject devices to less rough-and-tumble treatment than in class, but the sturdy design of TravelMate Spin B1 and TravelMate P2 keeps your work safe when we’re going back to school. TravelMates come with different screensizes, from 11.6” to 15.6”, boasting wide-angle screens and impressive colour accuracy to make your long-distance lessons an easier, more vivid experience. Their wireless connection (WiFi5 and WiFi6) guarantees that you can say goodbye to lag. For remote learning that will not strain your eyes, or be punctuated by connectivity issues, that make lessons hard to understand (and even teach!), TravelMate laptops are the perfect companion.
If, on the other hand, your school has turned to Google’s educational products, the best match is a Chromebook 314 or Chromebook Spin 511. Designed with Google products in mind (the Chrome OS comes with easy access to Google Play), the Chromebook line also offers 802.11ac wireless, is not afraid of lasting through ten hours of classes and homework with one charge and adds flexibility to the day’s lessons with four modes to choose from for an optimal viewing experience, whether you are following video lessons, switching from the screen to manual note-taking, or using the optional dockable Wacom EMR pen for artistic endeavours or writing. If your school makes an extensive use of Google’s educational suite, Chromebooks are your new best friends.

A Room with a View

In case you are more comfortable with a desktop computer, Acer still has your back. In these times of extensive use of our screens, you might want to upgrade your monitor to something your overworked eyes will be happier with, such as the Acer V7 monitor series. Even in lockdown, you can open up your room to amazing views with the ZeroFrame design offering more actual viewing space and spice up your sedentary day of remote working with some healthy variety thanks to screens that maintain colour accuracy no matter the viewing angle.
Furthermore, say goodbye to poor viewing with a combination of 4K IPS technology and Acer VisionCare™ that is quite literally a sight for sore eyes—once you have tried a V7 monitor, you will never want to look away, and you will not have to strain your eyes to do so.

Let’s accessorize!

Are you stuck home with family members who need to work remotely just as much as you do? With Acer 7-in-1 or 10-in-1 Type C Dongle, you will never be involved in family feuds over charging ports again. Capable of handling multiple USB-connected devices at a time and reading SD and TF cards, this is your one-stop shop for sharing your workspace with no added stress. And with Type-C docking stations like Type-C Dock II and Type-C Dock III you will be enabled to connect up to 3 monitors to your notebook.
Are your fingers tired from all the clicking you have been doing these days? Consider upgrading to a Wireless Optical Mouse RF2.4: its sleek design is pleasing for more than just the eyes and will accommodate long sessions without overexerting your mouse hand. Otherwise, you can choose our keyboard and mouse combo if you are not confident with the notebook trackpad and keyboard.
Are noisy pets or neighbours harming your productivity? Then isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle with Acer Earphone 300—sound delivered directly to your ears no matter how large or small, with three different ear tip sizes to suit all the family.
And just in case you are, in fact, going somewhere, you might want to store your tech in an Acer 3-in-1 Backpack: compatible with several Acer notebook models, you can use it as a backpack, a sling bag or a carrying case and look professional just the same—perfect for the essential workers putting themselves on the frontline in these times of crisis.

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