[PDF] Disruptions and Opportunities: Key Lessons from the Spring of 2020

Teachers and students worldwide were caught unawares by the global health crisis that made 2019/2020 a school year like no other.
Now that a new one is about to start, it is time to take a step back and reflect on what we have learnt from the experience: what went well, what could have been done better, and what we can do going forward.
Commissioned by Microsoft and conducted independently by the Manchester Street team, the survey detailed in this paper sheds light on the sudden move to remote learning as seen by 400 educators and 381 IT professionals working alongside them.
Only time will tell the short-term and long-term consequences of a defining historical event such as the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing is certain: it has left a mark on the world as a whole and education is no exception.


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