EdTech trends to keep an eye on in 2022

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What will the hottest EdTech trends for 2022 be? The pandemic’s major shift consolidated the strong bond between innovationlearning, and teaching in the past two years. 

In fact, EdTech allowed schools and campuses to get through one of the world’s biggest challenges. At the same time, it also pushed itself towards new heights of development, which are expected to expand in 2022.

So, a few weeks into the new year, let’s take a closer look at the most exciting prospects for technology in education in the upcoming twelve months, according to Forbes.

Personalised learning

Addressing pupils’ specific needs, interests, backgrounds, and aspirations is the core of personalised learning in schools. Thankfully, the pandemic, and subsequent growth of EdTech, brought schools one step closer to full accomplishing this scope.

At the same time, more digital tools in the hands of teachers allowed them to gain a better understanding of students’ data, with deeper insights and a more detailed evaluation of their progress.

Closing the gap

Access to digital devices, parental support with home learning and broadband speeds have been the significant challenges students overcame in the past two years, especially for less fortunate families.

As countries like the U.S. set aside capital, more and more EdTech programs are expected to be implemented by schools to tackle tailored needs and narrow existing gaps. 

Focusing on the teacher-student relationship

The early stages of the pandemic urged to lever, effective remote learning practices in the fastest possible way.

Now that students, teachers, and schools are more familiar and confident with virtual learning tools, experts foresee a bigger focus on human interaction this year. Subsequently, the teacher-student relationship will come to the fore thanks to human-centred technology solutions.

Blended and hybrid learning are not going away

These approaches might have risen due to the Covid-19 emergency, but they are definitely not going away. Even with a partial or full-scale return to in-presence classes, teachers will still leverage blended learning and hybrid learning possibilities in 2022. 

In fact, the tools introduced in the past two years have become a mainstay in today’s education system and will further allow schools to capitalise on the investments made in 2020 to answer remote learning needs. 

Furthermore, many students thrive in hybrid and blended scenarios, more than they do in traditional classes, and several parents continue to prefer these options


The use of digital game-like dynamics will become even more prominent in 2022. In truth, experts agree that gamification will also be mastered by students who will create content for one another. 

Clearly, gamification also mixes healthy competitiveness and effectiveness for teachers who wish to deliver educational tasks more engagingly. Moreover, these practices are so impactful on younger pupils’ because they spent the last two years learning online, but also and socialising remotely.

EdTech in 2022: our perspective

Alongside what Forbes reported, at Acer, we have monitored three more EdTech trends we expect to thrive in 2022.


This is not an actual trend but a priority. Our planet is calling for a commitment to a comprehensive, greener approach, and schools are answering. 

An eco-friendly choice in EdTech resources, together with best practices, can really improve your institute’s footprint. 

As a matter of fact, picking devices that are performing while also environmentally friendly, with optimised energy consumption and upgradable built-to-last designs, can make a difference in the long haul.

At Acer, we provide eco-friendly schools with more sustainable laptops and green PCs. If you wish to make your green mark, take a look at our Vero Family of devices.

Esports in education

One of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the world will not stop anytime soon. From K-12 to higher education, Esports fosters an inclusive community, where pupils get engaged and expand their skills. Esports and education is simply a match made in heaven.

What’s more, for students interested in entering the professional Esports world, there are not only several exciting career opportunities as players but also as team managers, content creators, trainers and more.

Are you new to this discipline, and would you like to discover more? Learn how to level up your classroom here. 

Cloud-based environments

Cloud technology in education is another up-and-coming trend from the pandemic will continue to grow in popularity. 

Admittedly, cloud-computing in education provides hassle-free solutions for deployment, management and safety administration, leaving more room for consistent learning experiences instead. 

You can make the most of Acer devices for education and cloud-first tech, be it with the carbon-neutral Google Workspace for Education or the simplified solutions offered by Windows 11 SE

What do you think of these 2022 EdTech trends?

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