Soft skills in education: foster your students’ working future

Soft skills in education acer

Teaching soft skills will not only help future workers learn to operate more easily and efficiently. It will also nurture individual features and shape their personality while growing up. Students can take deep advantage of the possibilities offered by EdTech in education and put into play the same abilities adults – like their parents – use every day in their respective working environments. 

We bring you 4 key soft skills useful in both classrooms and workplaces you can help nourish with the support of the right devices and tools. 

Equipped with Intel Processors, Acer TravelMate notebooks give your students the speed and performance they need to accomplish more in the classroom or at home. Combine the performances of your Windows 10 Pro device with Microsoft Office 365 Education to nurture soft skills in your class and drive their learning experience further.


Collaboration is crucial when working in contact with other people is on the agenda. As soon as students understand the importance of joining forces to achieve common goals, they automatically also learn how to become collaborative and organised workers!

On a hybrid or remote schedule, your pupils can work together smoothly on Acer TravelMate Spin B3 and Microsoft Teams. Everything, from the possibility of editing simultaneously shared files to the “raise your hand” function and the digital canvas of Whiteboard, makes collaboration easier day-to-day, while also making meetings dynamic and fun.

If you want to check out a successful example of Microsoft Teams application on a hybrid schedule, check out our success story from Finland.


Students continuously come across facts, data, and figures while studying or doing their research online. On the one hand, information literacy is fundamental to understand and handle these building blocks. On the other hand, it’s important to know how to lighten this huge part of the learning process with creative experiments.

The combination of data implementation and technology can be spotted inside laboratories or power plants, for instance, where researchers work every day to build life-changing innovative solutions. Imagine giving your pupils the spark they need to become important scientists!

By entering and playing with data on their Microsoft Excel with Acer TravelMate P2, they will be able to simulate advanced innovative functions and let them be engineers for a day. For example, Hacking STEM lessons powered by Excel Data Streamer are a go-to solution to create projects like robotic hands or anemometers with everyday objects. 

Social skills

In a world where everything is connected, whether we are discussing relationships at school or professionals interacting with their colleagues and business partners, social skills are undoubtedly crucial. Nurturing them in the classroom will allow students to get the most out of networking and communicate at their best once they enter their work.

Classroom presentations are the perfect way to showcase projects, create an interaction with classmates, and give voice to ideas. Acer TravelMate B3 allows your students to give 3-D animated presentations and discuss opinions over a topic with Microsoft PowerPoint, online, offline, and in hybrid environments thanks to its advanced connectivity.


An engaged student is a focused and productive student. No doubt about it: learning to become productive starts in school and continues throughout the whole life. It teaches how to complete a task in an appropriate amount of time, while also avoiding distractions. Imagine turning a very traditional part of students’ duty – such as taking notes – into a fun activity.

Learners from primary and secondary schools can rely on Acer TravelMate Spin B3 powered by its Intel® Pentium® Silver processor for a natural writing experience. The dockable pen allows students to easily carry out assignments and note-taking on the notebook’s convertible screen through Microsoft OneNote. In a nutshell, better outcomes and more engagement!

Start fostering your students’ soft skills today and pave the way for their future jobs! Contact us to learn more about our solutions for your schools:


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