Timeless Education: why learning has no expiration date

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What defines a timeless education? At Acer, we believe that learning has no expiration date. It’s a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Traditionally speaking, we are led to think that learning is associated with a specific period of time in people’s life. When we think of schools, children, teenagers, and youngsters in general, immediately pop up into our minds, but education does not end when you leave a classroom or graduate. 

Beyond the traditional idea of learning, for the whole life, we get the chance to expand our knowledge and we should take advantage of these opportunities.

The importance of lifelong learning in the world of teaching

Lifelong learning” can be defined as the pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons during the existence of an individual, before and after the school years. This process applies to any context, but it becomes even more valuable in education.

Teachers play a key part in students’ lives. They become a role model, and can literally inspire their pupils’ future during school hours. That’s why being a lifelong learner is essential to be a good teacher. Becoming open to collaborating, sharing resources and learning from fellow teachers are great ways to improve every day and avoid stagnation from a professional standpoint. It will help you set a great example for your students, and also expand your knowledge to provide them with an even better learning experience

Beyond the school environment, lifelong learning continues at home and in leisure time. Thanks to social media, communities, blogs and websites, technology allows us to learn notions, discuss, confront and share valuable information effortlessly. 

In addition, keeping your skills up-to-date is surely something you don’t want to miss. EdTech has become one of the most powerful resources in the hands of teachers. And technology keeps evolving, providing more and more possibilities for the classroom and in terms of management as years go by. Training courses, webinars or simply short tutorials can help you keep up with the latest EdTech trends and updates. Speaking of, have you ever taken a look at Acer Academy, our online training library

Last but surely not least, as a teacher, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of learning from your own pupils as well. The teacher/student relationship is a two-way street, and being inspired by young learners is surely a rewarding experience.

Adult learning: it’s never too late to go back to school

If you are teaching university or college students, you may encounter students from different age groups sitting at your classrooms desks. Albeit in minority, adults returning to school are becoming increasingly common.

Why are “grown-ups” doing this? Each individual has their own personal reason for sure, but there are a few cases we can highlight among the most common.

Many professionals consider switching careers, to begin with. Perhaps they simply want to embrace a big change in their work-life because they don’t enjoy what they are doing anymore, or their professional path has reached a dead end. For this reason, additional training becomes a perfect way to gain fresh expertise and make a brand new start.

On the other hand, adults returning to college or university don’t necessarily need to switch careers. Sometimes they simply need to upgrade their skills. As we already mentioned above, this applies to any professional field.

However, many adults decide to make their comeback to education because they didn’t go to school when they were younger. Maybe they didn’t get the chance to enroll for economic reasons, while now they can afford it. Or they simply didn’t go to college or university for other personal reasons. Finally, another group is represented by those who started but never finished, the so-called drop-outs, who want to get back in the game and graduate at last.

Timeless Education: supporting adult learners 

Most adult learners have one thing in common: they need to fit learning and studying in busy schedules, as some are working, others have families, and someone has to deal with both at the same time. In this scenario, a powerful device to learn remotely is the best choice to follow lectures even when it’s not possible to attend classes in person.

In conclusion, it’s also important for schools to assist adults returning to education during their enrollment, to help them find the best curriculum that suits their needs and timing and support their choice.

Are you considering returning to school and need a device for your learning experience? Are you a teacher looking for a laptop upgrade for your classroom? Contact us and discover the best solutions and laptops for education: acerforeducation.emea@acer.com

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