Acer GreenCycle – free recycle program for schools

Acer GreenCycle

Acer GreenCycle for Education is our latest initiative that brings together our commitment to schools and the environment!

Learn how to replace your school devices with new, sustainable ones and have your old technology removed and recycled for free. Join our free recycle program, and together we will help build a sustainable future!

Acer GreenCycle – how it works

Joining is simple! Just purchase at least 20 Acer devices for your school and leave the disposal of your old equipment to us! No worries. Acer’s got your back!

Simply fill out an online form, and our partner ITAD – a company specializing in recycling IT equipment – will come to your school to collect your old tech. They will wipe all your data and recycle/repurpose your old devices to help create a greener tomorrow.


Acer GreenCycle – 3 good reasons to join

Let’s take a close look at three good reasons to join our program.

1 – Help curb e-waste

E-waste refers to devices and electronics that are no longer working or nearing end-of-life. Generally, such items are usually unwanted and destined to be thrown away. But sadly, only 17.4% of global e-waste is actually recycled!

As schools often replace and upgrade their IT equipment, they play a significant role in this unfortunate scenario. How can they make sure their e-waste is disposed of correctly?

That’s where GreenCycle takes centre stage—offering a free recycling program that helps schools reduce their environmental impact. Why not take advantage of this win-win program?

2 – It’s safe, free of charge and free of red tape

E-waste brings us to the second good point. Removal and correct disposal of old technology can be unsafe, troublesome, admin-heavy and expensive.

With Acer GreenCycle, forget about the paperwork! Leave your legacy equipment removal to our experienced partners ITAD. What’s more? It’s entirely free!

3 – You’re choosing planet-friendly devices for your school

The basic requirement for joining our free recycling program is the purchase of at least 20 Acer devices, and we’re sure you’ll love them!

First, select from our vast portfolio of devices that ranges from Notebooks to Chromebooks—each with unique form factors, features and characteristics. From primary or secondary school students to teachers, IT staff members and beyond, we have a device for every specific need. What’s best, all devices come with up to Intel® Core™ i7 Processors that provide the processing power to take on any school task.

And, of course, all new Acer devices for Education are environmentally friendly! Every model features up to 30% Post-Consumer Recycled plastics (PCR) and an OceanGlass™ touchpad made from ocean-bound plastics. Perhaps best of all—they all ships in 100% recycled packaging. Check out the complete list of eligible devices.

Acer GreenCycle is only part of our daily commitment to the environment for a greener future. Discover more about our focused, eco-friendly company mindset here.

Any questions about Acer GreenCycle?

Check out the FAQs list we’ve created for you, or contact our team, always waiting to help, at

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