Acer Chrome-based devices at Glostrup School, Denmark

Easy to set up and ready to go, Acer Chrome-based devices come with built-in access to Google Apps for Education, a set of productivity tools designed to enable teachers and students to communicate, collaborate, and share.
Included in Google Apps for Education, Google Classroom allows teachers to quickly create, review and grade assignments and provide real-time feedback, while each student can keep track of what’s due and get organized.
Acer Chrome-based devices come with optional Google Management Console, which makes it easy to control an high number of devices and users. In addition to deploying, Acer Chrome-based devices allow the following features:

  • pre-installing or blocking apps
  • creating users groups
  • tracking assets
  • managing user access
  • configuring network and users settings. 

One of the key benefits of a Chrome-based device is that the OS and apps are automatically updated every six weeks. In this way software and security features are always current and the workload of IT staff is lighter. In addition, bookmarks, history and settings are automatically synched across all users’ devices and computers running the Chrome browser.
Chrome OS integrates multiple levels of protection, giving schools complete peace of mind. To prevent any malicious code from spreading, each process runs in a restricted environment known as a sandbox. All data, whether stored on the device or in the cloud, are encrypted and protected by its TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2 chip and cannot be accessed by other users on a shared Chrome device. At every boot-up, Chrome OS checks the integrity and validity of system files, to make sure the system has not been tampered with.

Denmark, Glostrup School’s case study

Glostrup School, in Denmark, has refreshed their computer lab by setting up, in few days, the First Danish Google Classroom.
The School chose to install 26 Acer All-in-one PCs (CA24I) and inaugurated the classroom last February with the aim of creating a brand new IT culture. Featuring 24 inch touch and tiltable screens with built-in speakers, microphone and webcam, CA24I have been proven to be the choice to improve collaboration among students.
The new classroom is the perfect vehicle to start delivering the next stage of learning. Students have access to all their best resources, they are more motivated to cooperate, work together and most important, they are engaged in their learning.

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