Acer Chromebook – enhancing education through tech at Kyalami Schools

Acer Chromebook is the ideal companion to enhance learning with simple, flexible and secure tools.

As we often say, technology can be pivotal in education. And that’s more than a catchphrase. The Kyalami Schools’ case study proves how transformational the right devices can be for students and teachers. 

Read on to take a closer look at their experience with Acer Chromebooks.

Meet Kyalami’s students and their Chromebook Spin 511

The Kyalami Schools comprise five institutes located in South Africa. They enrol 1550 students, and 370 of them use Chromebooks daily

Acer Chromebook has boosted the curriculum digitalisation and offered a brand new way to teach 21st Century skills in the classroom. And students couldn’t be happier!

In fact, younger pupils love how these devices can add creativity to everyday classroom activities, such as coding, and make them more engaging and entertaining.

Furthermore, they have unlocked new ways to test their skills and develop new ones, also thanks to the excellent compatibility between Acer Chromebooks and Google for Education’s built-in apps.

What Kyalami teachers love about Acer Chromebook

Everyone loves running classes with no downtime. Even when pupils are moving around from class to class, with Acer Chromebook’s fast boot times they simply turn on the device and work straight away.

What’s more, the login is smooth on any device. Students can easily log in to their accounts on any device and access their settings and apps with one click.

Not to mention Chromebook Spin 511’s versatility. Its convertible form factor enabto switch between multiple screen modes according to where they are or what they’re doing. Plus, thanks to its 11.6” display, it perfectly fits any school desk or backpack.

Additionally, Chromebooks’ durability features make the devices robust and resistant enough to stand the test of the busiest school days. 

Finally, regarding data privacy and safety, Acer Chromebook’s security gives both students and parents greater peace of mind. The Kyalami staff can easily monitor pupils’ activity, and their information is kept safe from any online threat, even remotely. 

Before you go, watch the video above to enter the Kyalami Schools world.

Did the Acer Chromebook Kyalami project spark your curiosity? Contact us today to digitalise your school with Acer devices: 

Success Story Key Info 

School name: Kyalami Schools, South Africa

Acer devices: Acer Chromebook Spin 511

Partner contact: Mark Naidoo, Group Head Academics and Innovation


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