Evolving classroom learning and teaching with Acer Chromebooks & G Suite for Education: a success story from South Africa

Laerskool Eikestad’s teachers always did their best to integrate technology into their classes, but they came to a point where the gap between personal and school devices was too large. The computers used at home didn’t communicate with the classrooms’, and EdTech was still not featured in all the subjects. To fill this overwhelming gap, the school in South Africa introduced Acer Chromebooks  equipped with G Suite for Education, and their classroom experience changed completely.

With tools like Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Google Slides, teachers now have the opportunity to improve communication, engagement, and collaboration between students, making learning interactive and interesting.

Students love the new devices just as much: they can smoothly keep track of their homework, get the most out of the convertible design of Acer Chromebooks and their touchpads, and even have fun while doing tests! Plus, by logging into their Google accounts from home, they can easily access their shared files and pick their research from where they left off.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about security: G Suite for Education not only makes classroom management simple as that for teachers, but it also grants the highest level of protection against online threats. School data is safe, even when users log in remotely, and they can easily monitor any student activity while they’re working on their devices. 

Check out the full story of Laerskool Eikestad in the video above!

Do you want to elevate your school’s learning and teaching experience as well? Contact us today: acerforeducation.emea@acer.com 

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