From remote to hybrid learning with Acer Chromebook: a success story from Oman

Acer Chromebook is a great ally for hybrid learning. But it was also pivotal in transitioning from remote learning to the in-person return to school for many institutes.

While this switch was surely challenging, for schools that had already integrated EdTech tools in their programs it was easier than you might expect. 

Take Al Sahwa Schools in Muscat, Oman, for example. These institutes enroll 1100 boys and girls and are now a three-program IB World School with full CIS accreditation.

Al Sahwa Schools have partnered with Google for Education and Acer for several years. What’s best, Google Workspace and Acer Chromebook have been vital in preparing students for remote learning, and most importantly, to let them thrive in this scenario.

Enhanced teaching, management and learning

According to their one-to-one program, Al Sahwa schools deployed Acer Chromebooks from grades 4 to 12. Terry Storer – the schools’ Director – and Chris Allen – Director of Learning and Technology – agree on how key EdTech has been for their students.

When it came to the school lockdown that we had” – says Allen. “It was a real smooth transition from blended learning, online learning and then hybrid learning.

Acer Chromebook Spin Al Sahwa Schools

On the one hand, the seamless combination of Google Workspace and Acer Chromebook allowed teachers and IT personnel to effortlessly keep students’ data safe while streamlining the management process. On the other hand, learning to master Google apps was child’s play for students, thanks to the suite’s simplicity and devices’ high usability.

Students’ experience with Acer Chromebook 

To meet the needs of their students, the schools adopted a fleet of Acer Chromebook Spin 511 & Spin 512. Combining multiple screen modes, state of the art processors, military durability, and long battery life, these Chromebooks became “essential learning tools for both students and teachers.” says Ezra, grade 10 student:

As a digital design student, I found that having Acer Chromebooks is very useful as it is run by Chrome. Most design applications run on Chrome, which I find very convenient. During the pandemic, it was very hard to adapt, but with Acer Chromebooks, I found it very easy to have applications such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs […] all under one button.

Writing and learning Acer Chromebook Spin Al Sahwa Schools

Plus, Acer Chromebook Spin 511 and Spin 512’s convertible design and Active pen allow students to seamlessly write on and interact with Google Jamboard.

From remote to hybrid learning with Acer Chromebook

Furthermore, the devices’ world-facing camera and advanced connectivity have been lifesavers during the pandemic. As a matter of fact, they allowed students to make the most of Google Meet to attend classes remotely and separate breakout rooms for customised activities.

Learning Acer Chromebook female students Oman

What’s more, Google Classroom fueled collaboration between students while improving teachers’ communication with pupils and parents. 

Watch the video above to hear from Al Sahwa Schools teachers and students. 

Would you like to implement a digital transformation project like this in your school to elevate hybrid learning with Acer Chromebook? Don’t hesitate to contact us:     

Success Story Key Info

School name: Al Sahwa Schools, Muscat, Oman

Acer devices: Chromebook Spin 511Chromebook Spin 512

Reseller contact: LearnIT

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