How Acer Chromebook Tab 10 accelerates technical development at Käthe-Kollwitz- School

Many schools face the challenge to combine existing educational concepts with the latest technology. At the same time one of the key exercise is the digital expertise, which needs to be learned and experienced by students and teachers in the daily operations.
The Käthe-Kollwitz- School Recklinghausen has purchased 100 Acer Chromebook Tab 10 to accelerate the technical development and to accomplish a higher acceptance of learning. The Acer Chomebook Tab 10 is a capable Education-Tablet, which is based on a secure and intuitive Chrome-OS-operation system.

Effective education with modern technology

In this project a technically high-quality and well integrable solution is used at the same time. At the Käthe Kollwitz School Recklinghausen the use of the devices is currently being tested intensively. “Currently we are having a longer test stage and searching for the ideal possible application for the modern devices,” said teacher Holger Meyring. So far only teachers have been provided with Chrometabs, in order to set a good example and to create lessons as digital and innovative as possible.

More technology in all school areas

Teachers are already using the devices in all their subjects to transmit digital content to the larger screens of smart TVs. Even students in grade 5 are already able to make their first experience with the latest technology. Since February 2020, all teachers in grades 5 to 13 have been introduced to the hardware and software step by step. By using additional aids like the integrated pen which makes the transition from classical to digital learning noticeably easier, it is possible to make important entries directly on the Chrometab.
In all classrooms, the devices are linked with the network via Wi-Fi to distribute research tasks and to connect the systems to the Internet. The simple use of Chromebook Tabs makes communication between teachers and other colleagues easier. This can take place, via digital class registers that can be accessed from any device.

Significant less time and planning effort

As many teachers already have sufficient IT-skills, the first steps of linkage were easy to manage. Improved comfort and the simple access help the teachers to transfer this added value to the students and increase their satisfaction. This is also shown by positive resonance from teachers.
The first interim conclusion: using Chromebook Tab 10 provides a more creative and diversify arrangement of lessons, and a higher willingness to learn by students. For example, this makes it possible to screen images and videos, to use teaching and learning apps and visualize existing lesson results. Acer Chromebook Tab10 with the Google Classroom can be used without much organizational effort. The Chromebook Tabs 10 are extremely robust, are characterized by a high-resolution QXGA display and feature about the full integration of Google Expeditions. In this way, digitisation becomes a successful process and previous barriers will be removed.

Diverse ideas for modern Learning

The positive experiences with the Chromebook Tabs 10 also make “desire for more” at the Käthe-Kollwitz-School Recklinghausen. According to the responsible teacher Holger Meyring: “The first step is to enable the implementation of Chromebook Tabs for all teachers. Afterwards, we also involve the students in the technical use and develop new systems for the digital extension of our learning offers.”

With each other – For each other – Development at the Käthe Kollwitz School

The Philosophy of the school “With each other – For each other” and the digital eduactional concepts will therefore be even better complementary in the future. Acer Chromebook Tabs 10 create a successful working environment and support a corporate feeling by providing uniformity for daily school life. In combination with modern Wi-Fi and the implementation of other digital projects, all students will be involved in digital learning prospectively. Thanks to Acer for education, a positive contribution is already being made today to the technically secure development in schools helping to integrate the modern Acer Chromebook Tab 10 functionally into daily school routine.
The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is the only tablet with Chrome OS that provides excellent image quality with its 2,048×1,536 QXGA resolution. The stylus with Wacom ® technology, offers a natural writing experience for all kind of notes. The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 becomes a digital classroom for teachers and students with a high level of usability.

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