How Al Salam Private School is fostering digitalization through Acer Chromebooks and Google Suite

Al Salam Private School is located in Al Qusais, in Dubai, it’s frequented by 1200 students from 50 different nationalities and has more than 250 people in its teaching and support staff.
Since August 2017, this school has started a strong digitalization process in order to provide a modern learning experience and to enable its students to acquire the necessary professional and soft skills to succeed in their future. To accelerate the integration of this new learning approach, Al Salam Private School was provided with 180 Acer Chromebook Spin 11. Teachers and other staff members started using Google Suite for internal communication (Gmail) and to improve the classroom management (Google Docs and Google Sheets); very soon also parents were involved in the digitalization of Al Salam Private School.
In the following months, Google Classroom was launched across the whole school and also the nursery had been included, so to involve any department in the new digital environment of Al Salam Private School.
The access was allowed to parents too: since they are enrolled in Google Classroom, they can view all sorts of resources related to the class. Furthermore, there had been a wider use of Google Suite:

  • Use of Google Sheets to analyse the progress of the students and generate recurring reports;
  • Use of Google Sites to send a Weekly School Newsletter;
  • Use of Google Forms to generate admission assessments.

After 14 months, having to evaluate the results of this digital transformation, both teachers and pupils really appreciate the system integration thanks to Google Suite and Acer Chromebooks, which allow a more fluid and centred management. The new approach allowed also to shift learning from a teacher-led approach to a student-centred one: now the main goal for Al Salam Private School is to shift towards a student-led approach and now the school is a Google for Education Reference School.

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