How Naseem International School is moving 1:1 with Acer Chromebooks and G-Suite for Education

The Naseem International School is a bilingual co-ed international school, located in Riffa – Bahrain, and it’s currently attended by more than 1.100 students in K-12. Accredited by the Bahraini Ministry of Education, it relies on the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme curriculum as well as Middle Years Programs and Primary Years Programs. The success story that sees Naseem International School and Acer as main characters starts with several challenges faced by the school.

“Bring Your Own Device”: how to avoid a failure

Naseem International School ran a “Bring Your Own Device” policy a few years ago; unfortunately, some issues arose. These difficulties can be divided into four categories:

  • Internet connectivity: many students had problems to connect their own devices to the school Wi-Fi;
  • Compatibility: different devices mean different software, and this led to complexity in terms of files and tools compatibility;
  • Duration: the devices battery didn’t last the full school day;
  • Security: students could access inappropriate material on the Internet, endangering the security of the school network.


Acer Chromebooks and G-Suite for Education for a 1:1 deployment

To solve this situation, the Naseem International School IT worked to improve the Wi-Fi infrastructure at first. Then, the school board approved to deploy G-Suite for Education and all teachers had been trained to Google certified Level 1.
Naseem International School then chose Acer Chromebook R11 and Acer Chromebook Spin 11 as ideal laptops for its students. Along with Acer, the school piloted 300 Acer Chromebooks across 2-year groups. Both teachers and students were immediately so satisfied with these devices that the project has been now expanded to Grade 3-12 with Chromebooks work stations for Grade 1 and Grade 2.
The benefits of Acer Chromebooks and G-Suite for Education on teaching and learning were tangible right from the start, not only for technical upgrades (i.e.: battery with an all-day lasting). The most appreciated improvement concerns security: students of Naseem International School can now browse the Internet in a safe and secure environment, with dedicated apps and extensions for purposeful educational value.
For all these reasons, Naseem International School has estimated that all its students (1:1) will have an Acer Chromebook and G-Suite for Education within 2021.

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