Enhancing Hybrid Learning with Acer Chromebook & Google Workspace for Education: a success story from Dubai

Acer Chromebook & Google Workspace for Education make a perfect match for hybrid learning. They were particularly effective at the Star International School of Mirdif, Dubai, where they enhanced the educational experience of both teachers and students.

The global pandemic brought several changes to the way education is conducted, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some schools learnt how to make the best out of that situation and fully embraced the possibilities offered by hybrid learning, considering this model a pillar for the school of tomorrow.

Meet the students and teachers from Star International School

Neal Oates, Vice Principal of Star International School Mirdif, is one of those educators who firmly believe that hybrid learning is here to stay. Especially thanks to the perfect match made by Acer Chromebook and Google Workspace for Education.

Star International is a family-run community-based school with a British curriculum located in Dubai, in the residential area of Mirdif, which is opening its first Year Ten Cohort next year. “I think our teachers are amazing and they have adapted amazingly well during Covid.” says Oates “What Google Workspace for Education enabled us to do, is to sort of offer a hybrid model of education. So we have got online lessons going on at the same time as face to face lessons and it’s meant that the learning has never stopped.

Making Hybrid Learning more effective with Acer Chromebook & Google Workspace for Education

Acer Chromebook Spin 512 became the new favourite companion for the students at Star International. What teachers love the most about it is that it was built specifically for education. It features a ruggedized design and water-resistant keyboard that makes it resistant to daily wear and tear and its performance matches the needs of both teachers and students. Plus, the stylus pen offers an even more immersive experience, as pointed out by Anya from year 7, who particularly enjoyed drawing and sketching with it.

The 12” inch display of the students’ Chromebooks is a perfect fit for co-working. Collaboration is also made possible between students learning from home and the ones attending classes in person thanks to Google Workspace for Education. Apps like Google Slides and Google Docs allow students to team up and work simultaneously side by side on projects, making collaboration happen anywhere effortlessly.

EdTech and its role in Education

Teachers from Star International also enjoyed the benefits of integrating Acer Chromebook and Google Workspace for Education in their everyday school life, growing more and more tech-savvy as weeks go by. According to Mr Oates, EdTech resources like these did not actually change the way teachers operate, but, more importantly, they enhanced it.

They made education happen in times when the traditional in-person approach was not possible. They elevate productivity, collaboration and classroom management for both students and teachers.

Watch the video above to get inspired by the story of Star International School.

And if you are looking for an effective and powerful combination of devices and resources for education to elevate hybrid learning in your school, don’t hesitate to contact us to find the solution that fits your needs: acerforeducation.emea@acer.com

Success Story Key Info

School name: Star International School, Dubai – UAE
Acer devices: Acer Chromebooks Spin 512
Reseller contact: LearnIT – info@learnitacademy.com

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