Hybrid learning and TravelMate Spin B311: a success story from Finland

Students from Turun Normaalikoulu, a school located in Varissuo, Finland, make the best out of remote and hybrid learning with a new loyal companion: the Acer TravelMate Spin B311

The current global scenario forced several schools to close for a few weeks at a time, and education had to undertake a giant leap towards new teaching and learning methods. Whilst the changing surroundings require enormous flexibility from both students and teachers, the modern 1-1 devices give a relief in the new normal.

TravelMate Spin B311 empowers remote education in Finland’s Turun Normaalikoulu

During the past semester, a class of 6th graders at Turun Normaalikoulu has been using the Acer Spin TravelMate B311 in their day-to-day school tasks. Even though the students were already accustomed to using tablets in class, now their laptops’ performances allowed them to execute more complicated tasks, such as longer written assignments and maths. In fact, the new notebooks come with an Intel processor that guarantees an elevated experience, be it when they are learning or when they are having fun while playing games such as Minecraft.

Students and teachers face the challenges of hybrid learning smoothly

Katrine, the teacher of the class, is happy that the students have been able to hand-in homeworks and exams remotely:

It is so much easier when every student has their own durable device. Everybody can follow the lesson no matter where they are. The submission of homework and the follow-up of the learning progress has been hassle-free since we haven’t used traditional paper submissions.”

A short interview with the students reveals that most of the pupils have enjoyed how the remote learning has been organized. A group of six students quite simultaneously states that they have been using Teams and other programs during their lessons, which have been working fluently thanks to their powerful devices. 

Albert and Sannadescribe how they have been using the laptop’s camera during the lessons and how it has been fun to be able to see their class-mates even though working remotely:

“The camera has been really good when we have been in home school”, Albert says. Sanna continues with a big smile: “except when you want to eat a snack without anyone knowing”.

Among the most appreciated tools offered by the TravelMate Spin B311, Sanna and Albert also mention the included pen, a perfect fit for arts and maths that’s also very handy since it is lodged in the device.

Overall, Kerin and her students have been very satisfied with the new innovative technology of the Spin B311 notebook, which has without a doubt made their daily learning carefree and fun, be it at home, school, anywhere.

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