Using technology as a motivational factor in the classroom – The case of Pirkkala

A class in the elementary school of Pirkkala (Finland) had the opportunity to use Microsoft devices in their learning from the beginning of the year. By bringing notebooks to the classroom, new opportunities regarding learning methods have emerged. From handcraft to mathematics, the implementation of notebooks has brought fun and exciting moments in the classroom.

Learning mathematics and Finnish at school with the support of Acer devices

The principal of the school, Mikko Salkenoja, comments how the classes have been taking advantage of the Microsoft notebook in mathematics by using different mathematical games and platforms. The pen, which can be used on the touch screen, has also been very useful in both mathematics as in Finnish studies.
The co-operation with Acer has enabled holistic working methods with new technology. The B118 Spin device’s touchscreen and digital pen have offered variation into the daily learning. Simultaneously, the seamless integration with Windows and Office 365 has made the saving opportunities easy. Further, the device has provided a wide set of tools to be used in the class. Microsoft Education helps deliver personalized learning for every student with devices built for the classroom and beyond.
The devices have been used by the pupils in the class, but also at home. The Acer TravelMate B118 is an excellent tool for both students and teachers to gain full advantage of the different lessons. Salkenoja happily comments on the change on students’ motivation in the class.
The most beautiful thing is to notice how the laptops motivate pupils, who have had problems with traditional exercise books. We have been happy to follow the steep progress of the pupils’ it-skills, which are one of the most essential abilities in their future working life. The pupils are glad to help each other, but also the teachers and other personnel. Without Acer we wouldn’t have been able to provide this opportunity to the students”, said Salkenoja.

Homework and teamwork are easier today, thanks to technology

The evaluation process of the students’ homework has also taken a step into the 21st century. Students can easily upload their assignments to the teacher by using Microsoft Teams. Additionally, the platform is handy for teachers to give the pupils their evaluation and diminishes the hustle with papers. Microsoft Teams is also great for doing collaborative works. For example, Salkenoja told us the students could simultaneously work on the same PowerPoint by doing one slide of their own.
All-in-all, the B118 has given various opportunities and the students as well as the teachers have found new ways of learning and sharing the accomplishments with each other. New technology in the classroom creates a stronger can-do attitude among the students and serves as a motivational factor in all important elementary schools.

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