Do you want to give a boost to your lessons? These experts tell you how.

EdTech Tips

18, September 2020 EdTech Tips
[PDF] Disruptions and Opportunities: Key Lessons from the Spring of 2020
Manchester Street conducted a survey, commissioned by Microsoft, to shed lights on how teachers are approaching the switch to hybrid learning.
31, August 2020 EdTech Tips
[Acer notes] The stimulating role of teaching resources in the digital learning era
18, August 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvent Suite Tips – Adding multiple signatures to Gmail
Watch the latest Tips & Tricks episode from our partner AppsEvents, and discover how to save lots of time when writing a new message in Gmail!
14, July 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvent Suite Tips – Using Google Takeout to export your data
Do you know how to download and export all your data off of Google Drive and G Suite with Google Takeout? Follow this short tutorial from our partner AppsEvents!
06, July 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvent Suite Tips – Sharing Google Docs is easier than ever
Sharing Google Docs, Worksheets or Slides? It's never been so easy. Watch the latest Tips & Tricks episode and discover all the newest features.
07, June 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – Edit PDF or images with Google Slides
Turn an image o ar PDF file into an editable one? You don’t need magic, just Google Slides! In the latest Tips & Tricks episode from AppsEvents, let’s discover another great feature of G Suite for Education!

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