Future Learning Lab: a new learning environment in Italian schools

Acer has been cooperating with European Schoolnet (EUN) since 2009 to promote the Future Classroom Lab project. During these years many schools around EMEA have developed and experienced this new environment design and we are very proud to see this model replicated in Italy as well!
The Italian Ministry of Education has launched a call for tenders to encourage the creation of 5 Future Learning Labs, latest generation educational environments equipped with all the most innovative devices and technologies to prepare students for their future at best.
Society is constantly evolving, as well as innovation, and changes go hand in hand, one adapts to the other. It is therefore necessary that schools adapt, both at a strategic level and at a technological level, to allow their students to experience an engaging and modern learning experience, which offers them the opportunity to build their own future, acquiring all the necessary skills to define themselves as people and as professionals.

The Acer for Education commitment to support schools in improving their IT infrastructure

We at Acer for Education have always been committed to supporting schools and institutions to implement an innovative and modern school environment. Thanks to the collaboration with our Solution Centre Partners, strategic partners highly specialized in the education environment, we are able to provide schools with the necessary technology, solutions and support to help teachers and IT staff to build and develop the schools of future.
The Acer Innovative School Program is also part of this approach. Its aim is to support those schools that have embraced Acer technology to try out new teaching and learning environments.
Launched in the Spring of 2018, we have at the moment 37 Innovative Schools joining the program!
Thanks to the Innovative School Program, all these schools can take advantage of several benefits and are now part of our community aimed at sharing best practices, learning and receiving support from peers and engaging with Acer for Education.
Discover more about our Innovative School Program!

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