[Research] Enable students’ future-readiness through EdTech

In recent years, educational researchers have published a lot of papers in order to demonstrate not just the evolution of learning experience, but also how education technology is impacting more and more on the definition and growth of students’ personality. Innovative educational devices and tools are playing a key role in helping today’s students to build their future, both from the professional and personal point of view.
So, teachers and educators have to redefine their teaching methods, and learn to balance traditional skills – such as reading, writing, arithmetic and so on – with unconventional skills, the so-called “soft skills”: these are those aptitudes which define the character of each person, her approach in everyday life and her ability in social relationships. Creativity, collaboration and problem-solving are just some of the most important soft skills that everyone should have to be successful, and many researches show how critical it is to start developing these skills since the young age.
This white paper published by International Data Corporation (IDC) and sponsored by Microsoft, “Keys to the Future: Worldwide Readiness Skills to Ensure Student Success”, demonstrates how the number of skills required to be successful in the future jobs is necessarily growing, in order to conform to the increasing dynamism of the job market. This suggests that educators should prepare their students with a set of common, core skills that students will leverage to be successful for the rest of their working lives.
Download the white paper to learn more about how education technology can be a great enabler to foster young students to develop these skills.

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