Summer break checklist for teachers: 5 ideas and tips

Summer break checklist 5 tips ideas teachers

Summer Break: It has been a very long and challenging two-year period for schools all around the world. And if you are a teacher, you probably can relate. But you made it through and now you can finally relax

You are probably asking what’s next when school starts again for the 2021/2022 academic year. Even though the global scenario is slowly getting back to normal for most countries, uncertainty is still there. One thing is for sure: you need to recharge your batteries and get in the right mindset. Grab your notebook, we have made up a list of 5 ideas and tips to help you create your own Summer break checklist! 

1 – Keep a journal of ideas

You never know what ideas might come up. But most importantly when. Picture yourself while you are gardening, or taking a stroll, or travelling towards your summer destination. Creativity can happen anywhere, and when inspiration strikes, you need to seize it. That’s why we suggest keeping a journal of ideas you can collect during the Summer break. Write down anything that comes to your mind: it could be the starting point for your best creative lesson when you return to school.

2 – Catch up with EdTech tools

With blended and hybrid learning probably continuing in the upcoming school year, you better come prepared! In the last couple of years, it’s likely most of you had to get familiar with several learning platforms, tools and software out of necessity, without having proper time to exploit their full potential. If that’s your case, summertime may be the best moment to take a deep dive into your EdTech tools. We suggest you take a look at Acer Academy, our online training library. You can register for free and watch several useful short tutorials you can watch anytime you want. And if you are looking for deeper insights, you will also find our exclusive webinars for teachers featuring our experts and partners.

3 –  Refresh your reading schedule and start a creative hobby

Trivial as it may be, reading is one of the healthiest activities for your brain. If you didn’t manage to indulge in the pleasure of devouring a good book during the academic year, it’s time to make up for it! Don’t forget that – among the other benefits – regular reading improves brain connectivity, helps you empathize with other people and prevents cognitive decline as you age. If books are not your cup of tea, start a new podcast or TV show, or take advantage of your free time to begin a new hobby: anything goes as long as it’s creative!

4 – Apply for a certification

Even after a freshly-squeezed lemonade, you are still thirsty? And this time for knowledge? As mentioned above, your agenda during the school year surely has been packed with lessons, classroom management, assignment revision and parent-teacher interviews, with a little time left for upskilling. If you are looking for a good resource to become a certified Google Educator, for example, you don’t want to miss AppsEvents’ sessions, of which Acer is Global Partner Plus. Discover more about its EdTech training, bootcamps and summits here.

5 – Most importantly… Take time for yourself!

Don’t underestimate the importance of unwinding. The first four entries of our list are simply suggestions, but whatever activity helps you disconnect, do it. From vacations to staycations, from physical activities to napping. Don’t forget that in order to get back and bring out your best to make a difference for your students, you need to do what feels right for you. Now, let the relaxation begin!

Here’s a little extra entry in our list: if you are looking for a place where teachers can talk about how they use technology in the classroom, share perspectives, ideas, learn from peers, and discuss teaching and learning topics, take a look at our Acer Teachers Community.

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