Acer Malaysia joins hands with City University to provide students with world class technology experience

The future of a country lies with its youth and education. Cognisant of this, Acer collaborated with City University to equip every student at the university with an Acer TravelMate laptop. The laptop allows students to be ready for hybrid studies, discussions, and assignments anywhere, anytime

Portability and Accessibility in Education

With online classes and meetings now commonplace, students need the right devices to keep up with their schedules and fulfil their needs. Featuring a lightweight yet durable chassis with long-lasting battery life, the Acer TravelMate laptops allow students to easily carry the device around an entire day in the campus without the need to bring a charger along or look for power sockets. Additionally, the Acer TravelMate has the latest in connectivity technology and a clear webcam to make online classes and discussions more interactive

Optimized Management 

Managing hundreds to thousands of students’ devices to keep them up to date with the latest software is no easy task but the Acer TravelMate makes this an easy task. It comes with a cloud suite that allows administrators to optimise resources, so City University’s IT team can efficiently deploy new devices, secure them and enable remote access. Furthermore, the ability to be able to connect with students seamlessly and virtually allows IT to address any questions without the need to meet physically.  

Advancing Education

The collaboration between Acer and City University provides students the opportunity to better embrace technology, allowing them to prime themselves with the best knowledge and experience that one can attain in academia. 

Moreover, Acer is working hard to provide similar solutions to more leading educational institutions in Malaysia and enable more students in Malaysia to access to world-class knowledge, experience and technology

Find the Acer solution for your University

To find out more information about the Acer TravelMate series, please visit our education website or contact our team at

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