Digital transformation in K-12: tackling education inequalities with Acer TravelMate B3

Digital transformation represented the turning point in K-12 for several schools. The pandemic saw kitchen tables turned into online classrooms overnight in homes around the world. Remote learning exposed inequalities among pupils, not in ability but in access to the latest technology.

To tackle this issue at the Cirrus Primary Academy Trust, we embarked on a digital transformation journey with Joskos with the aim of giving all students equal access to learning. 

Cirrus MAT includes five schools from South West London. As part of their program to improve learning outcomes and increase collaboration between the schools during remote learning, we teamed up with Joskos to deliver 750 Acer devices to pupils in key year groups. 

Driving digital transformation in K-12 with Acer TravelMate B3

Cirrus MAT was looking for durable devices that could fit the needs of primary school students. Moreover, the trust needed a reliable, cost-effective solution that could retain online software upgrades for the future. Ultimately, the choice fell on Acer TravelMate B3

First of all, the 11.6″ display made TravelMate B3 the best option in terms of size, as it perfectly fits any student’s backpack. Secondly, teachers and parents could avoid worrying about accidental falls, bumps or liquid spills. The ruggedized, durable design certified by Military Standard durability particularly suits younger students. The same goes for the mechanically anchored keys and spill-proof keyboard, a great combination to elevate the device’s durability. 

Furthermore, durability is also mirrored in terms of battery life. In fact, students can use the device throughout a whole school day with a single charge. And if by any chance they need a power-up, they can rely on the quick recharge.

Additionally, Acer TravelMate B3 also boasts fast connectivity for both classroom and remote learning. In other words, learning can happen anywhere with no slow-downs. Last but not least, the great compatibility with Microsoft 365 for Education made this notebook a perfect choice to make the most of Microsoft Office, Teams and more.

Teaming up with Joskos

The school tech upgrade was supported by Joskos‘ total commitment. They helped the schools implement effective change management by ensuring all devices were student-ready after unboxing. As a result, pupils could immediately benefit from online learning during the pandemic. 

What’s more, Joskos helped the trust with step-by-step guides for parents and students, training for teachers, a digital champion program and constant IT support. On top of that, Joskos provided strategic consultancy for school leaders to innovate learning and make full use of the Acer STEM Learning Program

What did the pupils and their teachers think?

Everyone at Cirrus MAT immediately benefitted from Acer TravelMate B3. 

Disadvantaged pupils who had previously experienced difficulties accessing the cloud platform at home were able to use their Acer TravelMate B3 to engage with others and participate in online learning.

Pupils also felt empowered by the devices, with instant access to content which increased their enthusiasm and creativity. They reported feeling “more independent and confident”, being able to “learn at my own speed” and “find information really quickly“. Students also improved vital skills such as digital literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration.

As for their teachers, they enjoyed wider access to quality resources and a reduced workload, thanks to the regular use of online assessment tools such as Microsoft Forms.

Long-term benefits

In the long haul, thanks to the Acer STEM Reward program and TravelMate B3, educators elevated their digital knowledge. In the words of Trust Digital Learning Coordinator:

The CPD programme with Joskos has meant we’ve been able to train the rest of our staff to realise the potential of the Acer Notebooks and to use them to the best of their capacity for enhanced learning.” 

By putting equality at the heart of its investment in technology, the Cirrus MAT can now extend this vision past the pandemic and into the future.

Watch the video above to discover more or read on here.

Success Story Key Info

School name: Cirrus Primary Academy Trust, London 

Acer devices: Acer TravelMate B3

Reseller contact: Joskos

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