Acer cares: EMEA Recycling for Charity

As the awareness about the worldwide impact of doing business is growing, global companies – but also smaller ones – should promote a coherent and efficient set of actions aimed at maximizing their commitment to the environments they operate in. This set of actions is generally known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and can be defined as those company’s initiatives to be not only transparent, but also supportive towards social, cultural and environmental issues.

Acer has always taken into respectful consideration the issues investing the world, and it’s seriously determined to do its part in improving the way companies impact the planet. These are the due premises to proudly catching you up about our new initiative, the EMEA Recycling for Charity project.

The purpose of this project is to encourage the idea of Earth-caring starting from our workplace: we support all the Acer people to play their role in respecting the planet and doing small, daily actions that can have a significant impact on the environment.

In the last months, we collected all the employees’ e-waste (monitors, smartphones, rechargeable batteries and so on), relying on local selected partners to ensure a proper recycling process. That’s not all: each collected item has been credited with a rating number – for example, 15 points for a notebook, and Acer will then donate 1 dollar (USD) for each point – so 15 dollars for every notebook.

The money collected during this initiative were allocated to donate Acer Chromebooks to 3 shortlisted education institutions – on behalf of all employees – which assist students affected by disabilities. This donation will be celebrated on December 2018 with a dedicated ceremony.

Under this system, the company will be able to demonstrate its commitment both to the environment and to education: we firmly believe we must do our best to ensure a positive future to the planet, and we are sure that investing in education is a powerful mean to reach this goal.

The students of today are the adults of tomorrow, and we’re committed to make their future as bright as possible.

On the early days of January 2019, we will share with our readers the education institutions that are going to receive this donation, with all the photos of the donation ceremony. Keep on following us on our social profiles to stay updated!

Watch the video below to discover more about EMEA Recycling Program!

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