GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar & Acer: fostering a personalized learning environment

As the interest in personalized learning continues to grow within the education sector, an increasing number of institutions are considering its implementation in school curricula. Given the challenges associated with adopting this innovation, schools could not have a better ally than technology.

This rationale led GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar to choose Acer Chromebooks with Google Classroom for its digital transformation strategy and to support a personalized learning environment. 

Meet the international GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar

GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar is the newest addition to GEMS English schools and offers an international UK curriculum, providing students in Dubai with the high standard of education that GEMS Education embodies.

As part of GEMS Education – an international body that pursues excellence and accessibility in education – GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar upholds four core learning principles: learning through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning, and global citizenship.

Moreover, the school prides itself on cultivating an international atmosphere, supported by a professional team committed to inspiring students from Foundation Stage to Year 13 to become lifelong learners.

One-to-one learning with Acer Chromebook 

GEMS Founders School – Al Mizhar has adopted a one-to-one device policy to respond to the individual learning needs of each student. Indeed, post-pandemic, the school recognised that students had grown accustomed to the tools and devices used during hybrid learning. While this presented an opportunity to convey self-management skills, it also posed a digitalization challenge for the school.

Hence, the adoption of a one-to-one device approach emerged as the optimal solution. This approach empowers students to customize their learning experience, offering simple features like font personalization and extending to more impactful ones such as AI tools, Chrome extensions, and language learning tools.

However, teachers also explored the numerous benefits of Acer Chromebooks, including enhanced planning flexibility. This flexibility enables them to ensure that the diverse needs of all students are met and assists in helping students catch up if they fall behind the class flow.

Acer Chromebook: many benefits for 21st-century school life 

As per the school Director of Innovation, Saba Adnan, Acer Chromebooks with Google Workspace have significantly influenced teaching and learning in various ways. For students, it facilitates seamless collaboration and enhances creativity. Furthermore, teachers appreciate its positive impact on communication between parents and teachers, relieving them of a significant and weighty responsibility.

Notably, school administrators can disseminate simultaneous communications to all parents, allowing for the collective enforcement of school policies.

In essence, the most significant advantage lies in providing all students and school personnel with the opportunity to stay abreast of 21st-century technological skills, a crucial factor in delivering the best school experience for everyone.

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