Transforming education with technology at John Paul College

Technology has become an integral part of education. Schools are increasingly incorporating technology into their curriculum as they realise its value in empowering learning and teaching.

A prime example is John Paul College, which delivers its entire curriculum through digital means. The College has also established an esports program for students interested in competitive gaming. Over the past two decades, Acer has worked closely with John Paul College to provide the school with technology solutions and support for its modern curriculum.

John Paul College and its partnership with Acer

Located a short distance south of Brisbane City, Australia, John Paul College is an independent co-educational Christian school with approximately seventeen to eighteen hundred students from kindergarten to year 12. In addition to providing primary and secondary education, the College offers English language programs to assist international students with their transition to study in Australia.

Transforming Education JPC Acer TravelMate Spin P4

Acer has been working with John Paul College for twenty years. Throughout this extended partnership, Acer has consistently provided support and solutions for the College’s technology needs.

At John Paul College, we have the opportunity to say that over a long period of time, they are consistent – the product and the service are definitely consistent and of high quality. I would definitely recommend Acer as a technology partner for schools.

Hendrik Boshoff, Chief Information Officer, John Paul College

Technology program

Technology is deeply integrated into learning and teaching at John Paul College from the primary school level to the secondary level. The College currently provides Acer 2-in-1 notebooks to its students. Primary students are supplied with the TravelMate Spin B3, while secondary students are equipped with the TravelMate Spin P4. This arrangement enables the school to deliver its entire curriculum through Sector, a digital learning management system. “Sector assists with the delivery of the content to the students and the taking of assessments,” explains Hendrik. “It also assists with the engagement directly between the students and the teachers.”

Transforming Education JPC Au

During their long-standing partnership, Acer has also supported John Paul College in establishing its esports program. “We’re really fortunate to have this partnership [with Acer], to have been able to set up an esports lab at school and have such high-quality equipment on campus,” says Leah Mildenhall, an esports coordinator at the College.

Because of Acer’s support, we’re able to train on campus in person. Teams are able to play in person alongside each other, and that’s brought about friendships, teamwork – that really good sort of interpersonal skills that they need.”

Success Story Key Info

School name: John Paul College, Brisbane City, Australia,

Acer devices: TravelMate Spin B3; TravelMate Spin P4

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