Acer Chromebook Spin 514 – the ultimate digital learning companion for the Bakalka School

From improved assessment to instant feedback and enhanced interactivity, Acer Chromebooks are highly beneficial for education. 

Teachers and students from the Bakalka primary school are about to tell us why!

Introducing Bakalka’s students and teachers

Bakalka is a primary school with extended language teaching in Brno, Czech Republic. The students enrolled are aged 6-15. In addition to Czech and English – studied from first grade – pupils can also choose German or French later.

 Bakalka is known to be Brno’s most traditional school. But in addition to its rich past, it looks to the future with an approach to teaching and digital technology that makes it one of Europe’s prominent innovators. And in terms of Chromebook use in teaching, it is without exaggeration the leader in the Czech Republic.

 Before choosing ChromeOS, Bakalka had explored various operative systems, but none brought students and teachers the enthusiasm they feel today.

 Long-serving school principal Yveta Gašparcová confirmed that switching to Chromebooks was the best decision for the institute, even before the pandemic forced distance learning upon them. Today, the Acer Chromebook Spin 514 – paired with Chrome Education Upgrade – is the school’s constant classroom companion.

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Acer Chromebook Spin 514 & Chrome Education Upgrade

Why are Chromebooks good for students? Firstly, they are intuitive and immediate. For example, the Acer Chromebook Spin 514 specs boast a fast boot time, so students can log in within seconds. This great advantage lets them move from class to class without downtime!

Secondly, students love using their Acer Chromebooks when collaborating on group projects because the easy and simultaneous file sharing makes them feel empowered. Plus, the Acer Chromebook Spin 514 convertible form factor and touch screen also foster and facilitate collaboration.

And Chromebooks for students are also durable! Sure enough, they can easily stand daily wear and tear thanks to their rugged components. Don’t be fooled by this convertible Chromebook’s sleek appearance: its deceptively lightweight and compact design has built-in military-grade durability. 

Not only are students convinced – Bakalka’s teachers love Acer Chromebooks too! These handy devices allow educators to give students instant feedback while testing and assessing, even during lessons. Chromebooks are great time savers as well. Specific tests can be corrected automatically, freeing teachers from time-consuming manual checking.

But best of all, coupled with cloud-based Chrome Education Upgrade, Bakalka has leveraged the full capabilities of ChromeOS. What is Chrome Education Upgrade? From enhanced multi-layered security to automatic updates, the CEU frees up IT resources, giving educators more time to focus on teaching.

Even admins get a boost. Centralized app installation, policy management, and change of settings from the Google Admin Console make meeting students’ and peers’ needs easier than ever!

Success Story Key Info

School name: Bakalka primary school, Brno, Czech Republic

Acer devices: Chromebook Spin 514

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