Acer Chromebook fully supports Ashlyns Secondary School’s digital transformation

Once again, Acer Chromebook and Google for Education match perfectly to kickstart a school’s digital transformation. 

Read all about our latest experience with UK’s Ashlyns Secondary School, where Acer Chromebooks became an essential everyday companion for students.

Get to know Ashlyns School’s teachers and students

Ashlyns School is a mixed Secondary and Sixth Form located in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, with 1399 children on the school roll. 

Striving to provide the best and latest technology, Ashlyns began integrating cloud-based solutions several years ago. Following this digitalization, the school successfully built a reliable infrastructure that fully supported one-to-one blended learning.

Realising the need for a long-term commitment to change and transition, Ashlyn’s staff were confident in the choice of Google. Network Manager and Teacher of Computing Ben Marks led the way in integrating Acer Chromebooks. Thanks to his previous experience with Google, he was well aware of the outstanding support and responsive IT services that the school could count on.

Acer Chromebook: a school-wide adoption  

Ashlyns’ transition towards digital transformation began long before the global pandemic. Having already provided its staff with Chromebooks and the needed training, the school was well-prepared to switch to remote learning when Covid-19 hit.

We didn’t choose Google because we knew the pandemic was coming, but we were very glad that we did! When twinned with a Chromebook, it just works.
Ben Marks, Network Manager and Teacher of Computing, Ashlyns School

With students making the return to classroom-based learning, Ashlyns have completed their deployment of the one-to-one devices. Today, the school has more than 1,500 units of the Acer Chromebook Spin 512’s, 511’s, and 311’s. Staff and students have realised the benefits of increased learning engagement, with digital tools and resources for achieving academic potential.

Ashlyns gives each enrolled student a device for use throughout their time at the school. They can use the Chromebooks for independent and distanced study when needed. Additional learning materials can be accessed via Google Classroom, limiting the amount of printing and unnecessary cost associated with a paper-based curriculum.

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Outstanding feedback and educational results 

The teaching staff have been delighted with the revolutionary impacts of Chromebook integration. They’ve made fully used features such as live marking in the classroom, enabling students to share and receive real-time feedback on completed work. The pace of learning has accelerated, with students being able to research and find their own way. 

Discovering that students never ran out of charge halfway through the school day, teachers applauded the long-lasting battery life of the Acer Chromebook. On the other hand, their pupils loved Acer Chromebooks’ convertible form and touch screen. It was clear that ease of use paired with collaborative tools and instant feedback made learning both engaging and inspiring.

Aiming to provide a better educational experience that’s more tailored to students’ specific needs, the school recently upgraded to Google Education Workspace Plus, which empowered the IT staff to deploy policy changes centrally, thanks to powerful management tools, all while reducing overhead costs!

The partnership with Acer and Google has enabled Ashlyns’ students to explore and develop their IT knowledge skills for the best educational results. It is sure to positively impact the student’s future prospects, giving them the best chance of succeeding in the digital world they will soon enter.

Success Story Key Info 

School name: Ashlyns Secondary School, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK

Acer devices: Acer Chromebook Spin 512, Chromebook Spin 511, Chromebook Spin 311

Partner contact: IDNS

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