Acer Chromebook & Chrome Education Upgrade – Empowering learning at Spijker Basisschool

Technology is an ever-increasingly resourceful tool for empowering learning, teaching and classroom management.

A perfect example is the Spijker primary school, where Acer Chromebooks and Google for Education turned out to be true game-changers! Paired with the Chrome Education Upgrade, Acer Chromebook 311 became a school companion that Spijker students couldn’t do without.

Read on for our latest eye-opening testimonial – this time from Belgium!

Spijker’s Acer Chrombook Experience

Spijker Basisschool is a primary school located in Hoogstraten, Belgium.

According to Bert Martens – ICT manager at Spijker – the school was looking for an EdTech solution to meet three requirements. Firstly, it had to be an educational tool. Secondly, it had to deliver personalised learning and empower students to take ownership of learning. Thirdly, it had to help pupils become tech-savvy, preparing them for an increasingly tech-centred world.

Acer Chromebook 311 ticked all the Spijker boxes. Since the new Chromebook deployment, feedback from both students and teachers has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

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Featuring an 11.6” touchscreen, this lightweight Chromebook is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper and weighs only around 1 kg. Undoubtedly, Chromebook 311’s form was a winning factor in Spijker’s classrooms, as it’s small enough to fit every desk and backpack. Plus, its keys’ size perfectly matches students’ little fingers!

Additionally, the Acer Chromebook 311’s built-to-last design stands up remarkably well to daily wear and tear – even on the rockiest school days.

Finally, Spijker School director Nancy van Dun noted how performing, intuitive and easy to use the Chromebooks are, citing, for example, the touchscreen that makes every class engaging and fun. On top of that, the impressive boot-up speed leaves teachers with no worries about downtime!

Acer Chromebook & Chrome Education Upgrade

Acer Chromebooks do not only empower learning. Thanks to Chrome Education Upgrade, schools like Spijker can unlock the full capabilities of ChromeOS.

Google Workspace apps like Gmail and Drive effortlessly streamline classroom management and create a personalised learning environment with collaborative tools to assist pupils and educators alike.

In addition to providing online classroom management tools, Chrome Education Upgrade vastly improves file accessibility, allowing everyone online to read, edit and exchange Docs smoothly and efficiently!

On the administrative side, Chrome Education Upgrade helps build a secure, easy-to-manage network. Thanks to the Google Admin Console, Spijker sets policies centrally while customising settings for age groups, classrooms and individuals! All while enjoying the serenity of knowing that automatic updates keep school data safe from the latest cyber threats.

Success Story Key Info

School name: Spijker Basisschool, Hoogstraten, Belgium

Acer devices: Chromebook 311

Partner contact: Cloudwise Belgium, Hans Dessoy, 

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