Pohjoiskehä School & Acer Chromebooks: empowering educators and students

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technology plays an essential role in shaping learning experiences and empowering educators and students. Acer Chromebooks became essential devices in modern classrooms thanks to their versatility, user-friendly design, and seamless integration with Google content.

Today, we’ll learn more about the transformative impact of Acer Chromebooks at Pohjoiskehä School, where they effectively fostered a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Acer Chromebooks: a daily teaching tool at Pohjoiskehä School

Teachers at Pohjoiskehä School in Rauma (Finland) have wholeheartedly embraced Acer Chromebooks as indispensable companions in their daily routines. Chromebook devices have become integral components of every class and subject and are now involved in various tasks.

Among their many benefits, the Acer Chromebook interface is a key factor in widespread adoption. Teachers find the devices intuitive and easy to navigate, enabling them to focus on delivering engaging lessons rather than struggling with technology.

Nonetheless, Chromebooks are a perfect option to withstand demanding educational tasks because of their powerful Intel® processor, which provides performance and efficiency. Processing power, combined with collaboration tools, allows teachers to share files, keep track of progress, and provide real-time feedback seamlessly

Acer Chromebooks make learning more engaging than ever

Thanks to Acer Chromebooks, students can embrace collaborative learning by sharing ideas, assignments, and presentations. 

For instance, the integrated Google Docs and Slides applications provide a user-friendly environment for students to create polished and informative documents. What’s best, is the collaborative nature of these tools allows students to work together, providing valuable feedback and peer support.

Moreover, Chromebooks offer a multitude of apps that cater to diverse learning styles and subjects. From conducting tests through Google Forms to using dual cameras for creative projects. Whether it’s creating animations, recording video projects, or capturing images, the possibilities are endless. 

Therefore, Acer Chromebooks foster a sense of community within the classroom that promotes active participation from all students. Additionally, this technology integration has sparked creativity and enthusiasm among students, adding an exciting dimension to the learning process.

A tangible impact on learning outcomes

As teachers testify, Acer Chromebooks significantly improved student engagement, collaboration, and overall learning outcomes at Pohjoiskehä School. Indeed, Pohjoiskehä’s teachers have witnessed increased student participation and learning retention across the board.

On top of that, the seamless integration of Acer Chromebooks with Google Workspace has further enhanced the learning experience. Thanks to Google Drive, students can access materials from any device, ensuring continuity and online/offline accessibility in and outside the classroom. 

The experience of Pohjoiskehä School demonstrates the transformative power of Chromebooks in revolutionizing education. As technology continues to evolve, Chromebooks stand poised to play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of education.

Success Story Key Info  

School name: Pohjoiskehä School, Rauma, Finland

Acer devices: Acer Chromebook 714

Partner contact: Atea

Info: acerforeducation.emea@acer.com

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