Acer SpatialLabs: introducing immersive learning at Biskupské Gymnázium

Acer SpatialLabs Biskupské Gymnázium v Ostravě

Immersive learning is the latest frontier of education, upgrading learners’ experience to enhance their information retainment skills thanks to engagement. 

However, up until today it wasn’t easy to provide immersive learning in schools as it required a sizable investment and considerable equipment. Luckily, now schools can benefit from this experience thanks to accessible and portable devices that Acer is proud to develop. 

Learn more about Acer SpatialLabs making 3D accessible for schools through the story of Biskupské Gymnázium v Ostravě, the first European school to integrate this technology into its classrooms. 

Get to know Biskupské gymnázium v Ostravě and its Acer partnership

Located in the Czech Republic, Biskupské Gymnázium (Bishop’s Grammar School in Ostrava) is an episcopal school founded in the early 90s with the mission of educating students to bring out their unique talents and skills

On October 5, the school hosted an event to present its latest IT equipment upgrade: their new Acer devices with Acer SpacialLabs displays that deliver intuitive interaction and immersive experience thanks to their advanced optical, display, and real-time rendering solutions

Looking for a way to improve students’ engagement in historic and scientific disciplines while having the convenience of a mobile solution, Biskupské Gymnázium found Acer and its innovative 3D devices. Acer’s solutions stood out because they provided an immersive atmosphere without needing 3D glasses and equipped every student with their own device.

Eventually, the solution selected by the institution consists of 16 Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs, a custom-made charging box with cooling and intelligent charging circuits, the Acer Classroom Manager software, customized furniture, and a Wi-Fi 6 network infrastructure.

Acer SpatialLabs: engaging students beyond the space of a display

SpatialLabs™ Stereoscopic 3D Solutions are available on a selection of Acer devices and feature the combination of an eye-tracking solution, a stereoscopic 3D display, real-time rendering, AI technologies, along with the newest shaders and drivers.

Without 3D-glasses, students and teachers can bring their ideas to life by working directly on their devices to develop presentations that can immediately grab the attention of the audience. 

Moreover, educators at Biskupské Gymnázium plan to use this technology to boost students’ engagement on various subjects, leveraging the demonstrational power of 3D to explore them from a more realistic perspective. Moreover, they also highlight the benefits in training spatial imagination to enhance the learning experience and offer new skill development possibilities

Pioneering the application of 3D technologies in education, Biskupské Gymnázium is the first European school to build an entire classroom equipped with Acer SpatialLabs devices and present it under the fascinated gaze of students and educators. 

Photo by Jarmila Fussová

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